We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-9-2013 6-51-37 PM
Husband: "Babe, The Twins are in town. It is the only time this year!" Wife: "Take the kids. Both of them"
7-9-2013 8-31-11 PM
7-9-2013 7-26-34 PM
I think Luke Scott has been working on Lobaton's form. It's getting better
7-9-2013 7-09-41 PM
Nothing says "Circle me, Bert" like a Twins bro feeding his girlfriend
7-9-2013 8-24-14 PM
Defensive positioning for the win
7-9-2013 8-25-07 PM
Escobar likes to watch himself on the big board after nice plays
Well done, Rays fan. Well done.
7-9-2013 8-00-15 PM
Even dad was pleased with the effort
7-9-2013 9-36-01 PM
Kelly Johnson, glove master

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  1. Beazy says:

    And a "Rays Index" shout-out on Rays radio last night for some sort of useful tweet!


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