Evan LongoriaA week ago, the Rays had their highest-rated game of the season when Sun Sports drew an 8.8 rating (approximately 159,000 households) for their Monday night matchup against the Red Sox. Since then, the ratings have remained strong.

According to a source with Sun Sports, seven of the Rays’ ten highest-rated games of the season have occurred in the last two series.

The seven games against the Red Sox and Yankees averaged a 7.6 rating (137,000 households). The first three games of the Red Sox series all posted a rating of at least 8.0 and all three reached at least a 10.1 rating (182,000 households) at some point during the telecast.

Even last night’s game, which included a 39-minute rain delay, reached a peak rating of 10.2 (overall rating was 7.3). That means more than 184,000 homes were tuned in to the Rays game at one point in just the Tampa-St. Pete market.

Overall, the Rays are averaging a 6.0 rating (108,000 households) in the month of July.

For comparison, in 2012, the Rays averaged a 4.9 rating (87,000 homes) on Sun Sports and that was up 28% from 2011. This month’s ratings are also comparable to the 2010 season when the Rays averaged a 5.9 rating, fifth among all teams.

Since April 1, Sun Sports is the no. 1 rated cable network in primetime and their ratings have risen 8% since June 28.

Playing the Red Sox and Yankees certainly helps. But these numbers show that fans are starting to get excited about this year’s club. And that could mean a surge in both the TV ratings and the attendance.



  1. Kelley says:

    I hope they count Sarasota. There's a lot of fans here too.

    • Dave L says:

      I think its all of Florida's market. Just like the Marlins on Fox Sports they count all 3 of the Sarasota fans.

      So you are in there! Me too in Venice.

      • Kelley says:


      • Eric says:

        FWIW, the numbers above provided by Nielsen only measure the Tampa - St. Pete market. That said, the games do go statewide and there are a lot of Rays fans tuning in, especially in Orlando per Nielsen.

  2. aaron says:

    There are a lot of Rays fans in Orlando also. It seems everyday I see someone wearing a Rays hat or t-shirt. I look forward to the Rays moving to Tampa. Driving an hour to Tampa will allow me and many other Rays fans living in Orlando to make it out of work and get to the park by 7 PM. Loving the 2013 Rays!! Keep it up guys!

    • Gabriel says:

      i also live in Orlando. tons of Rays fans here and everywhere in Florida really. only baseball team as of lately. stadium is just too isolated

  3. Beazy says:

    And just think of the Orlando market which includes a big part of "Rays Republic" in not just Orlando, but Ocala & the Villages! Also Jacksonville, the Panhandle, etc.. Good Stuff Rays! With ratings like this, we might be able to afford David Price & others, lol...

  4. ryan says:

    I'm in Orlando too and seeing more and more people with some sort of Rays stuff on. The Rays have only been on tv every game here in Orlando for the last handful of years. Up until the name change, the Rays were on in the Orlando area maybe 2-3 a week. Usually during the weekend and one weeknight game on Pax. So now we're seeing the team grow over the years in other areas since they are on tv nightly.

  5. Dave L says:

    If they are just measuring the Tampa/St Pete Clearwater area they are like me in the 1970's looking at my sports section and only getting BA W-L and ERA and evaluating players.

    When Fox Sunsports negotiates with the Rays next contract they damn well know exactly how many viewers are watching Rays games in the ENTIRE Rays sphere cable viewership of this country

    Whether or not they want to share that info with us is another story.

    I bet my Verizon box tells them exactly what I watch and when I watch it, a homeland security exemption allows them to monitor everything else we do.
    So why wouldnt it do that?

    Its like the Rays releasing only full season ticket holders numbers and omitting partial season ticket holders.

  6. Miguel Grande says:

    I don't miss a pitch and I'm in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

  7. Scot says:

    Not to be hostile, but where are you getting your data? There appears to be no citation.


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