Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

If you would have told Joe that Rays ace David Price would only throw 87 pitches in a complete game, tossing just 17 balls, Joe would have thought surely Price and the Rays would have won in a shutout.

It was almost the complete opposite.

Partially flying blind with scant information, the Rays fell victim to rookie AAAstros pitcher Jarred Cosart. The native Texan held the Rays to just two hits through eight innings. The Rays made the AAAstros sweat in the ninth, but a rally was just short.

It’s hard to put into words how dominant Price was after he settled down, getting tagged for a pair of runs early. It’s clear whatever ailed Price before he was disabled list, has been righted now.

So the Rays’ have an eight-game win streak snapped. Hey, if the Rays can do half that good the rest of the way, losing a game for every four wins, this team will be in fine shape.



  1. Ken says:

    Sorry Joe but your post game philosophic read on tonight's game doesn't sit well with me. Price was dominant I agree. He was ambushed in the first by a very aggressive Astro's approach but quickly turned the ship around. Cosart pitched well and the Rays hit a lot of "at 'em" balls until the ninth. We rallied with two outs in typical Rays fashion then watched ELO, once too many times lately, pitifully pop the collective balloon. If you were there, as I was, you must have noticed how the crowd was somewhat stunned after the called K to end the game. Veras threw him six/seven crap curves in a row and ELO looked lost but for one hard foul ball. Then threw a hit-able fast ball right down the middle. Boom, strike three.
    Maddon needs to bite the bullet and move him far down in the order. He has left way too many on base lately. I get the fact that he's struggling JoMa has done with Joyce, Scott, and Jennings, Longo needs some time in the 7 hole dunce chair till he gets his head out of his you know where.
    Tonight should have been 9 in a row and win 4 for King David.

    • Tone says:

      Sorry, but I think you are crazy. Longoria is the face of the Rays and he has saved this team's butt so many times that I think any real fans will be able to overlook a slump. That foul you mentioned was just missed. Longoria will be fine.

      • Ken says:

        Real fans can't overlook any player's struggles to the point that they begin hurting the teams chance of winning. I'm not suggesting benching him, just moving him down in the order until he gets his game back. His slump has been overlooked by most of us because we were winning and team mates were picking him up. Currently he's leaving way too many on base and in scoring position to keep him as the clean up hitter.

  2. Dave L says:

    Only someone who expected to never lose another game could be sorely diappointed at the loss. It was bound to happen eventually, this is baseball.

    The past two weeks an awful lot of good luck has come our way, last night was the opposite.

    I dont read much into our second loss in 2 weeks. That ump seemed to like almost every pitch, ours and thiers.

    I will be there this afternoon watching Fausto give up his usual 3 runs and 1 homer in 6 innings and hoping we can score 4 or more and the bullpen holds on.

    No pitchers duel today.

  3. Allen says:

    Dave L. is a prophet. Fausto gave up 3 runs in six innings and we wont 4-3.
    Tell us, Dave L., what will happen Sunday?

    • Dave L says:

      The heat will be sweltering thats all I can predict (except in the Trop)

      Its funny we arrived late at the game in the middle of the second inning I look up at the lower concourse scoreboard and see its already 3-0 in the first and i gulp and begin to sweat. But remembering its the Astros I still have hope. Fausto really got in a groove after that. The pickoff play was awesome,

      By the sixth inning Hernandez was on a short lease. Wonderboy Torres was warming up the entire inning and if RH allowed anyone on base he was going to be yanked in a heartbeat. He made it and im Nostrodomas for a day. Now I go back to being nostrodumbass no more predictions for a while.

      I just think Hernandez should get more respect. If your fifth starter is always healthy, virtually always makes it thruogh the sixth inning and has an ERA under 5 you have one of the best #5 starters in MLB.

      Plus he almost never has a lead to give him a comfort zone. he's never out there when we are bombing the other team. How many starters have we chased in the first 4 innings this year? Alot. But we never do it when RH is out there and they haven't chased him either but once I think.

      The man is working his butt off. he's the only starter we can work like a rented mule because well he is a rented mule. Everybody else we have to treat with kid gloves because they have 'future value"

      Plus if you noticed hes become more efficient lately. he gets pulled in the 7th not because hes at 110 pitches but because we have Jake Flamethrower whos just an upgrade in a close game.

      Did the TV broadcast show the 70's photoshops that they had of the Rays for '70s nite?

      No wonder Luke had a great night he was pimped out and sporting a sceptre. Molinas was the worst he looked like he weighed a buck 50 adn had blond hair. It was pretty funny overall and some of the phtoshops were pretty good.


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