Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Now this is the Rays team we thought we would see all along. Timely hitting and, yes, strong pitching meant the Rays have now won 10 of 11. This is getting good and it’s not yet the All Star break.

Sure, starting pitcher Chris Archer was strong but what Joe is starting to look at is the pitching of reliever Alex Torres. The guy has allowed only four earned runs in 34 innings. That’s damned dynamite. Yet again, the pipeline of strong Rays pitchers comes through.

You know what this winning streak has happened without starter Alex Cobb who hasn’t pitched since he got beamed three weeks ago. And the Rays won without promising slugger Wil Myers.

There’s something about this team that is starting to look magical. Ought to be a fun second half of the season.


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  1. Burn H. says:

    Your stats are a little misleading on Torres, they are career numbers. In 11 he worked eight innings with three earned runs, had 12 off from MLB and has 26 innings this year with 1 earned run. I think he has out grown the 2011 numbers.


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