Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Yeah, yeah, happy times prevailed in Houston with the Rays’ sloppy 7-5, 11th-inning win today. Yunel Escobar was a stud in the field, and his three hits and three RBIs were clutch, too. But Joe’s got angst about Evan Longoria’s scene.

Joe’s really starting to wonder whether having Longoria in the lineup at half speed (and at DH) is a plus. In the first inning today, Longoria jogged out a soft chopper to third base that he easily could have been beaten out. That stunted a rally. And then he led off the eighth inning with a walk — with the game tied at 2 — and was lifted for pinch runner Sam Fuld.

Is Longoria’s bum foot healthy enough to play on or not? “Damn” is what came out of his mouth when Fuld showed up to yank him. Was Longoria surprised?

If it’s just a pain issue with no real risk of further injury, as Longoria has said, then management needs to free him up to play all out and take his days off when needed. Playing through it means playing. Joe would rather see Longoria in the field and at full force every other day versus what we’re getting now.

This half-healthy, “don’t-push-it-Longo” mentality isn’t working. He’s hitting under .170 through his last 10 games with one homer and two RBIs.

Now that Joe has that off his chest. The Rays are rolling. Wil Myers can play some serious outfield. And the White Sox must deal with Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore and David Price at the Trop this weekend. It’s time to eat up more ground in the standings.






  1. JJ says:

    If they DL Longo today he returns on 7/20, second day after the break. Might be wise considering they don't face many quality lefties besides Sale over the next 10 games.

  2. stefanie says:

    I've got to agree, Longo at 50% isn't really doing us much good.

  3. Lane Meyer says:

    When Longo was replaced in the 8th, it was a tie game and he was coming out for a much faster runner. I think this decision might have been the same regardless of his current foot issues, especially given his hamstring history. It was merely an attempt to try to win the game using the fastest player available to pinch run.

    • JJ says:

      Very true but what worries me is that he can't seem to run well at all in any given situation. A healthy Longo may have beat out the dribbler in the 1st. Molina is faster right now. Any one who's ever had Plantar knows that the best recipe is rest, Bring Roberts back for the 2 ChiSox lefties then play KJ till the break.

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I have to respectively disagree. Plantar can be super painful, but it isn't one of those things that gets worse due to activity. In my experience (I dealt with it during HS basketball) the pain can be excruciating, but when push comes to shove you can play through it. (I remember feeling like the skin in my arch was ripping lengthwise every step... ugh... not fun.)
    I think, given that it shouldn't get any worse, Dirtbag should play whenever possible because, frankly, Longo at 70% is better than his replacements on this roster (his current slump notwithstanding).

  5. Geoff Peterson says:

    I think using a pinch runner late in a tie game came with the expectation of that spot in the order not coming up again. Having Longo bat again would have been nice but that's why you have a manager to make these situational calls. They don't always work except when you're Donny Doom second-guessing them after the fact.


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