Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Just Sunday Joe noted there is literally no reason for Rays fans to be freaking out. The Rays, at the time of the writing, were a scant three games out of the wild card race with their ace on the shelf.

Well, that ace returned tonight. Boy, did he ever.

Reigning Cy Young Award winner David Price returned to the lineup tonight and was as dominant as he has ever been. The prized southpaw fanned 10 AAAstros batters without walking anyone through seven innings.

Yes, Joe knows this was against the Lastros, but my goodness, how could any sober Rays fan not be geeked at what Price did. His performance even seemed to surprise Astro’s master himself as he Twittered tonight.

“wow..I’ve missed that feeling for a very long time!”

Look, it’s not yet the Fourth of July. The Rays are very much in the hunt of things. There’a a whole bunch of baseball to be played. The ways the Rays have been playing of late, largely without their best hitter Dirtbag and their ace Price, how cannot a Rays fan feel giddy right now?


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  1. Ken says:

    “wow..I’ve missed that feeling for a very long time!” So have I David. Welcome Back.


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