Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Any lingering doubts that the Rays are still in a pennant race should be wiped out today after Rays ace David Price shut down the White Sox, scattering eight hits without a walk for a complete game.

One could argue Price only had one bad pitch, which resulted in a Josh Phegley homer to the front row in left field. Other than that, Price was simply dominant.

Joe loved how Price kept shaking off Jose Molina in the ninth to throw a backdoor breaking pitch for a called strike. Price knew what was working.

It was one thing to beat the AAAstros. It’s quite another to be the White Sox. What, good pitchers aren’t supposed to lock up rotten teams? Please.

Look, the Rays are just five games out of first place and the All Star break hasn’t come yet. The Rays are right in the thick of things for a wild card berth. This team is in the throes of a playoff chase.

The fact the Rays have their ace back proves it.



  1. Ken says:

    He's baaaaaaaaaaack. Go Rays. 3-4 from the Twinkies and sweep the Astros.

  2. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Common knowledge, but it's nice to see in black and white:

    11-3 since June 23rd.

    Outscored their opponents by a cumulative score of 44-14 since last Sunday.

    Price is back, Cobb is on his way, Myers is getting solid contact, and Escobar is currently the best SS in the AL. Hopefully the Rays can ride this wave through the break and come out swinging (literally) against tough AL East rivals to wrap up July.

    Now, if they stumble and lose 3 or 4 before the break look-out, because the sky will officially be falling!


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