Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

It’s one thing for David Price to mow down opponents. It’s another thing for Hellboy to stymie opposing hitters. But you know the stars are aligned for you when Roberto Hernandez is one swing away from a complete-game shutout.

Just what in the name is Esteban Yan is going on here? Hernandez tied the Snakes up in knots, and until a foul pole-hitting two-run homer, was one out away from a shutout.

This team is something special. We all knew the Rays could pitch. Alex Cobb is on his way back shortly. But who knew this team can hit?

Yunel Escobar has really turned around his game after a pathetic start. Wil Myers is hitting like a young Albert Pujols and has there been a better pick up than James Loney?

It sure smells like this team is brewing something special.


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  1. Allen says:

    Looks like Loney will be our best first baseman, surpassing Pena's .197 batting average and Casey Kotchman's 48 rbi season. Let's keep this guy in hopes he'll continue.

    Cork, you're so right. Escobar was pathetic early in the season. I hung my head in despair, but he has been fabulous. Have we had a better shortstop?

    Joyce and Scott are both disappointments but Myers is super.

    I did not expect this kind of offense. They're really fun to watch.


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