Lost in all of the back-and-forth between the Tigers and the Rays this weekend was Miguel Cabrera’s distasteful reaction to being struck out by Fernando Rodney.

In the same at bat in which a pitch by Rodney came close to Rodney’s head,  it seems pretty clear that Cabrera calls Rodney a “maricón” (the Spanish equivalent for the word “faggot”) after striking out. Cabrera would then go back to the dugout and continue to yell at Rodney and the Rays’ dugout.

Here is the moment immediately after the strikeout…

And here it is slowed down….

This is not as bad as Yunel Escobar writing “maricon” on his eye black, who was suspended three games. But Cabrera should be suspended, even if just for one game.

Major League Baseball has to be better than this.



  1. Andrew says:

    ha, I was watching the game with my family and dad thought he said it after he struck out.

  2. Rod Munch says:

    Stop with the stupid word policing. I'm a Rays fan and could give a crap less, if Rodney has an issue with it he can take it up with him. This trying to silence everyone by ratting on this is cowardly and obnoxious.

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    The fact that the word is part of his vocabulary speaks to his character, but the fact that the use of every single semi-derogatory word in the universe is supposed to show bigotry or hatred is also ridiculous.

    Can we stop acting like name-calling is the end of the world, please.

    This whole conversation is friggin' gay.

  4. Allen says:

    It "looks like" that is what he said, but none of knows for sure---so drop it. Talk about baseball instead. Please.

  5. JJ says:

    Next spring the Rays should invite Luke's baby brother to camp as a non roster player and let him pitch to Miggy in a split squad game.

  6. Burn H. says:

    How does it go? " Bats and Balls may break your bones, yet word should never harm you?" or something like that.

  7. stefanie says:

    JJ - Luke's brother used to play for a league in TX I believe, so that may be a good idea. haha

  8. Russ says:

    Wow, I really can't believe there are people on here who are upset Cork is talking about this.

    "Word policing" and "stick to baseball"? If he busted out an N-bomb or used the english version of the word, I think it would much harder for some people to ignore. And "Trying to silence everyone" by pointing this out??? I'm not even touching that one.

    Like it or not, MLB wants to hold these guys to a higher standard than in years past. And who can blame them? These guys the epitome of high-profile and sports news creeps into all aspects of media now. Teams just can't let their multi-multi million dollar investments walk around blurting out dumb shit like "FAGGOT" and expect to maintain widespread appeal.

    And I believe this happened in the course of a BASEBALL game. So saying "stick to baseball" is kind of a silly response.

  9. Burg says:

    What, your not going to give me credit for bringing this to your attention?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but you were not the only person to notice this happened.

    • Sean G. says:

      They actually mentioned this on MLB Network yesterday, early in the day. They didn't say the word specifically, but they did say that Cabrera called Rodney "a bad name" after striking out.

  10. Burg says:

    I'm sorta serious, read the time on the 1st comment after the "Rodney K's Cabrera best moment of year" story, and it wasn't mentioned on any broadcast the night of the game, I'm fucken Woodward & Bernstein in this piece lol

  11. Kim says:


  12. Burn H. says:

    My guess is that the majority of MLB Umps aren't bilingual and could care less if some Spanish speaking youth, learns word and attitudes from there Super Star. Let's just sweep it under the rug, it's not there....

  13. rick c says:

    i'm confused. all this about Miggie saying the m-word. i hope all of you got to enjoy the WHOLE story. Night 1: tigers win and miggies mocks the Rodney pose while giggling with his fat buddy Fiedler. Night 2: Rays battle. Rodney pitching to Miggie. Pitch goes 2 feet outside at eye height. Miggie stares. Rodney stares. Pitch comes in 1 foot over Miggie's head! How bout that Miggie? Then Rodney dumps him with great offspeed. Miggie chirps all the way into dugout and then some and Rays win in walk off. Night 3: 1st inning our 3rd batter gets purpose pitch near head but turned in time. Payback from Tigers. 8th inning. Maddon the artist, the entertainer, the genius. Has Farnsworth & Peralta warming up with 3-1 lead. Announcers and Tigers KNOW Farnsworth is coming in to repay the Tigers. But 3 slightly inside pitches and a hot liner to 3rd. Peralta in. Rodney follows to close it out. Doesn't get any better than that.


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