Matt Moore got the in-game interview treatment from Dewayne Staats and Brian Anderson. And we all know that a starting pitcher must know how to keep their cool during one of these interviews because another starting pitcher, in this case Roberto Hernandez, will test their concentration (big GIFs, so it might take a few seconds to completely load)…

And here is a wide-angle view…



  1. Dave L says:

    Moore is on top of his world right now.

    With Yunel back and Buerhle on the mound Roberts and Kelly could be rewarded for thier heroics last night starting out today on the bench.

    • Sarah says:

      And is that a problem?

      • Dave L says:

        Nope but I was wrong because the reports of Yunel coming back today didnt come to fruition so Roberts gets a start. We are kinda thin right now, Im glad Mrs. Loney didnt hold off her delivery until we got to Fenway,

        I dont think there is much wrong with Escobar at all. Merlot is just resting him like he rests everybody from time to time. Escobar is on a good roll right now and the Rogers Centre is a good place for him to take a break from. He's an emotionally driven player and its good to keep him positive and his swagger suave. I have absolutely no proof of that-- its pure conjecture.

  2. Ms Vee says:

    I was Matt's high school geometry teacher. His class NEVER acted this way! It's a thrill to see he's FINALLY having some "fun". LOL. Seriously, we are so very proud of this guy!

  3. mp645 says:

    Matt Moore is really a class act and the Rays are so glad to have him. He can only get better and better. He will be a CY Young winner in a few short years.Maybe next year?

  4. Dolores Chavez says:

    Matt Moore is the real deal, I love watching him pitch, he is my favorite player.
    He did a great job at the all star game. He's a great role model for every young man with hopes and dreams of being a MLB player. He makes New Mexico proud !! GO RAYS

  5. Robert Martinez says:

    Remember Matt in you get days when he would come to Pediatric Clinic. A fine young man who is true professuonal and role model. We in New Mexico are very proud of his accomplishments. Go Matt and go TB Rays!


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