We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-10-2013 5-49-34 PM
Brian Anderson Face.
7-10-2013 6-32-55 PM
This won't end well
7-10-2013 8-17-35 PM
7-10-2013 8-27-12 PM
Trop Cowboy just needs to spit because he's a cliche, duh.
7-10-2013 9-20-02 PM
Hey, look who is running all over the place these days
7-10-2013 9-19-42 PM
GET. UP. Must. Be. Taller.
Hey Wil, Chris wants to know where your arrow is. Poor kid never gets to do it himself
7-10-2013 9-24-57 PM
Look at that form
7-10-2013 9-29-11 PM
Peralta looked especially relieved after getting a pop-up after a long at bat
7-10-2013 9-32-49 PM
With nobody on, this makes it kinda obvious that you are going to drag bunt
7-10-2013 10-13-34 PM
And this makes it kinda obvious that you are going to sacrifice later on
7-10-2013 10-22-43 PM
HE'S SAFE! Wait. HE'S OUT. Actually, we have no idea. Thanks, Fox
7-10-2013 10-22-33 PM
And here is what it should look like
7-10-2013 9-45-29 PM
Kelly Johnson missed a walk-off home run by a about a foot and a walk-off hit by even less
Swarzak reacts to the near walk-off
Somehow this is Miguel Cabrera's fault
7-10-2013 10-27-06 PM
Welp, that's awkward
7-10-2013 10-31-15 PM
Sean Rodriguez has played so little, that I barely noticed that he is shaving this season. He looks 16.
7-10-2013 10-52-28 PM
Escobar took a pick-off throw right off his heiny
This guy is really into pounding the dugout
Luke Scott goes full-Mutombo on the third base umpire
7-10-2013 11-03-30 PM
On Zobrist's walk-off hit, look at how high the pitch was
7-10-2013 11-06-59 PM
Weeee! Escobar is going to shoot a 3 when he scores the winning run
7-10-2013 11-05-27 PM
Ahhh, there it is...
7-10-2013 11-22-50 PM
Zobrist Excited
7-10-2013 11-23-31 PM
Zobrist really excited
7-10-2013 11-29-02 PM
Joe Maddon face
That shot came from this...
And this is what a dugout looks like after 13 innings (via Tampa Bay Rays)


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