We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-5-2013 7-40-45 PM
Guy in front row is wearing a Ducky's Rays t-shirt. Those were designed by Longo for his new restaurant and not available to purchase
Todd Kalas interviews the wives of Derek Shelton (left) and Sam Fuld
7-5-2013 5-57-43 PM
I don't think Kelly Johnson owns a brush
7-5-2013 6-51-33 PM
Luke Scott has braided his rat tail. This really happened.
7-5-2013 7-37-44 PM
Todd Kalas plays with his bobblehead
7-5-2013 7-23-31 PM
Just David Price and Wil Myers
7-5-2013 7-20-55 PM
Yunel Escobar is probably safe if he doesn't slide head-first
It was that kind of game for Axelrod


  1. Beazy says:

    That's Shelton's wife or daughter?

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Lol... that's pretty much what I said to Mrs. Smith last night.
      I said, "Why is the player's wife older than the coach's?" and she said (without missing a beat), "Because he's got more money than Sam Fuld."
      I knew there was a reason I love the lovely and talented Mrs Smith.

      • Bill says:

        Actually the Shelton's live near me and their kid plays in the same Little League as my kids. She is a lovely, lovely lady. But the photo does make her appear younger - in a bad way. She's at least 18.

  2. Dave L says:

    She was dazzled by the speedhitter and the rest is history

  3. Beth says:

    As I consider both the rat tail and the bizarre facial hair, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there's probably no "Mrs. Scott."

    • Bill says:

      There is a Mrs. Scott. But unfortunately his mother does not live here nor does she travel with him to teach him proper grooming and fashion. oh, you meant wife... 😉

      • Beth says:

        Presumably THAT Mrs. Scott will love him no matter what he does with his hair.

        • Bill says:

          To be clear, I'm not bashing on Luke, just having fun with it. Kind of a fan, but.... the burns, hogs on lockers, and rat tails are a bit weird. I do have a photo of him from last home stand where about and hour before game time he is in a prayer circle with some fans (some of which were family I think). They were standing in the seats just behind Home Plate Cub. Kind of cool of him to to up there before a game and do that. No matter what you believe, that's a fan friendly guy who is not ashamed of his beliefs. Now, let Don and others begin flaming me.....

  4. reeni645 says:

    Luke's new Do is just awful but it is a part of him. He marches to the beat of a different drummer. He is a character. He is hitting better and that is the most important part. he also seems very happy. Remember last year at this time?
    Luke was in a 1 in 42 hitting slump.Ig his pig tail helps his batting, so be it.

    Just me whining again. Will someone in the Front Office please cut Sean Rod from the team. He has proven again and again in 2012 and 2013 that he just doesn't cut it. As evidenced last night, he would not make the Durham Bulls but maybe the Stone Crabs need him. 4 at bats and 4 K. Luckily he caught the ball last night.

    Why was out biggest hitter (Loney) sitting on the bench for 7 innings while S Rod played? Just to get him some playing time in a game that was almost a given that we would win? Loney's facial expressions didn't look too happy. .

    • Bill says:

      SeanRod had a well executed bunt and a key hit today. I'm not saying that he is performing where he should be. But there is something to the idea that if you don't get consistent, frequent at bats, it's tough to just jump up and perform. Sean's versatility has proven valuable to the team and we don't want to just dump that. At the very least, if another team has a key injury, he can be good trade bait.

    • Dave L says:

      For an explanation please see my pregame post in the George Hendrick titled entry, with regard to why SRod was playing. It has to do with past history of success vs Danks with a OPS of over 1.6 which is spectacular.

      By the way he did quite nicely today so your criticism was ill timed and the facts slay your arguement in this case.

      The Rays believe past is prolouge when it comes to matchups. You may think its all hogwash but it works. Even if you discount it at least familiiarize yourself with it so you can understand the 'whys' of the Rays way.

      SRod is going nowhere. He has a defined role on this team and provides it when called upon. He along with Jennings also provide a grit factor on the basepaths when needed. And his versatility is a +++

      I for one think once Fuld has been replaced with an upgrade SRod will be the perfect last man on the bench for a playoff team in the 2013 Rays.


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