We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-1-2013 6-48-12 PM

David Price signs autographs before the game

7-1-2013 8-03-59 PM

Hey look, Evan Longoria figured out how to play with an injured foot

Astros fan vs baseball and the baseball won...

A look at how far Yunel Escobar had to run to end the 5th inning

7-1-2013 9-15-53 PM

Of course, the runner might have been safe

7-1-2013 9-14-51 PM

Which led to a funny scene in which the Astros manager tried to chase down the umpire for an argument

7-1-2013 8-47-22 PM

It was the Ryan Roberts show

7-1-2013 8-35-06 PM

Considering what happened to Alex Cobb, can't blame Matt Moore for ducking on a ball 8 feet over his head



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