We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-22-2013 6-50-22 PM
It's the Red Sox, so let's check in on our old Bay Area friend, Jenny Dell
This was a weird exchange, but then somebody pointed out Hellickson covering his nose. It looks like Price is asking if Lobatron farted. "Promise?"
7-22-2013 7-37-34 PM
This is as close as it gets. Ball in glove, glove not closing yet, foot might be touching bag.
7-22-2013 8-24-03 PM
It looks like Jose De La Torre had some rosin on his forearm which is fine as long he doesn't apply it to the ball
7-22-2013 8-16-57 PM
Joe Maddon Faces
7-22-2013 7-58-20 PM
This is as close as the Red Sox came to scoring
7-22-2013 8-20-35 PM
Evan Longoria did not agree
7-22-2013 8-37-14 PM
One more Joe Maddon face
7-22-2013 8-13-32 PM
Big Papi beat the Papi-Shift
7-22-2013 8-09-43 PM
Why, Red Sox cameraperson, why?
7-22-2013 6-50-02 PM
Majestic's baseball jerseys include extra spacing after the second button to accomodate the logo, but...
7-23-2013 7-39-36 AM
But it has always bugged me that Majestic is too lazy to make a different style for teams like the Red Sox
7-22-2013 8-42-46 PM
In the 9th, Yunel Escobar got buzzed and the fans cheered, because...
7-22-2013 8-43-29 PM
During Jose Lobaton's at bat, Escobar retrieved a foul ball and pretended like he was going to give it to a fan, but did not
7-22-2013 8-35-17 PM
Shhhhh, Lil' Matty Mo is just going to rest in the middle of his shutout
Look who was late to the Jump-and-Bump...AGAIN
7-22-2013 9-07-23 PM
This doesn't seem fair. Moore got TK and Loney got Jenny Dell


  1. mp645 says:

    Great game. Matty Mo does it again. What a difference one year makes in his pitching and composure. Loney, Longo and Escobar sure can field!
    What a great TEAM EFFORT.

    I do shudder when it is Hernandez's spot in the rotation though....

  2. Beth says:

    Why did Escobar feel the need to mess with the fans? I have enjoyed his play for the Rays, but he does seem to make some odd public relations moves.

  3. Pat says:

    Kind of late to the game, sort of like his early inning pitching. Maybe with Fausto on today, we should start with the bullpen until he is sufficiently warmed up and in sync.


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