We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-4-2013 6-58-03 PM

Not a big fan of grey jerseys, but they looked sharp with this cap and stirrups

7-4-2013 8-46-14 PM

Another view of the stars and stripes cap

7-4-2013 7-01-59 PM

Bunch of players wore patriotic arm sleeves which looked especially weird on a player that doesn't even use batting gloves

7-4-2013 6-44-10 PM

Evan Longoria still not running hard is worrisome

7-4-2013 6-56-57 PM

The normally pink bullpen backpack was camo on July 4th

7-4-2013 7-44-38 PM

Water fair territory much, Astros?

7-4-2013 9-41-24 PM

The Rangers' groundscrew was trying to enduce bad trips with their mowing pattern

7-4-2013 7-00-58 PM


7-4-2013 7-52-08 PM

On a side note, Rogers Sports Net is now superimposing ads onto the Blue Jays' turf and it looks horrible

7-4-2013 7-29-56 PM


Hills in the outfield are dumb
7-4-2013 8-03-57 PM


7-4-2013 9-21-24 PM

Not sure Ben Zobrist's face is the best one for promoting 'Summer Six Pack'

7-4-2013 8-12-47 PM


7-4-2013 9-57-08 PM

Evan Longoria didn't look too pleased to be taken out for a pinch-runner

7-4-2013 10-02-39 PM

The 2013 Houston Astros in one screencap

7-4-2013 10-28-34 PM


You mad, Peralta?
7-4-2013 10-46-59 PM

You Ok, Joe?

7-5-2013 7-05-31 AM

Peralta and Hickey had a somewhat animated discussion in the dugout

7-5-2013 7-22-30 AM

Yunel Escobar is a lefty archer

7-5-2013 7-42-33 AM

Rodney seemed to really enjoy his personal 4th of July fireworks show


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