We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…


Another shot of Yunel Escobar's crazy range

Yunel Escobar sinks it from downtown!
7-2-2013 7-25-34 PM

He's backkkkkkkkk

7-2-2013 8-27-58 PM

DP's changeup grip in the glove

7-2-2013 9-41-35 PM

Maddon has now gone full-Belichick. It was 85 at gametime in Houston. No chance there is a jersey under there and I doubt MLB had cut-off sleeves in mind when they OK'd hoodies.

7-2-2013 9-55-22 PM

A pitcher named Oberholtzer wearing #65. This felt like a spring game.

7-2-2013 10-08-36 PM

'Stros 'stache

7-2-2013 10-14-05 PM

How cute. The rookie chose paper and lost.



  1. Allen says:

    A sensational play. I really had my doubts about Escobar during the first month. He has proven himself since. A sensational play!

  2. Beazy says:

    "rookies throw rock!"


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