We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Rays fans

Grumpy McGrumpypants

Longoria's foot problem flared up and a trip to the DL is not out of the question

Jose Lobaton has become better at framing pitches thanks to Jose Molina. Unfortunately, he has picked up some bad habits as well.

The big story of the weekend was El Tejon versus The Crybaby

The big story of the weekend was El Tejon versus The Crybaby

And it all started because Cabrera felt the need to mock Rodney's Bow and Arrow on Friday

This Tigers fan is apprently one of those people that hates attention on her birthday

This is what happens when Fox Sports Tigers shows a highlight from Fox Sports Indians

Wil Myers has the most non-chalant home run swing ever. He looks bored.

Orioles fan

Jost Kelly Johnson doing Evan Longoria things

Miguel Cabrera has gone through a Barry Bondsian growth spurt

I need one of these koozies in Rays colors

Let's see if Prince Fielder knew this was gone...

This didn't work out too well for the dinosaurs

Yunel Escobar decides to just lift the leg off the bag

Let's check in with Saltalamacchia's hair. Yep, still a perm masterpiece.

Not cool. Not cool at all...

You can argue that this pitch was actually closer to Zobrist's head than the one to Cabrera

Zobrist was none too pleased.

And as usual, Joel Peralta was leading the chirping parade

Miguel Cabrera did become just the second player to hit a ball into the Rays tank

Jeremy Hellickson approves of Jake McGee's performance

Hey Cabrera, how does this taste?

Awww, poor Miggy.



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