Evan LongoriaDanny Knobler of CBSSports.com has a nice column looking at Wil Myers and whether he is another Evan Longoria. But what really stands out is how much Longoria has changed off the field.

“…as the year has gone on, almost every time Maddon has checked, Longoria has adamantly told him he doesn’t need a day of rest…The key, Longoria said, is that he has learned the importance of getting rest when he’s not playing…Longoria has come to understand the importance of taking care of his body, and also realized that doesn’t just mean working out…”I’m trying to eat right,” he said. “And when I have the opportunity to catch up on my sleep, I do it”…That means going back home or to the hotel after dinner with family or friends, even when they want to spend more time out. It means perhaps not hanging out with teammates as often as he’d like.”

This is not the Evan Longoria Rays fans came to know in his first few years in the league.

Some fans thought Longo partied too much. Others said Longo is a young man and should be able to go out if he wants.

But everybody agreed that Longo liked going out. He liked to go to red carpet events. He liked to hang out with friends.

But then Longo struggled with injuries. And then Longoria became a dad. And the result is a new Evan Longoria that has rededicated himself to baseball.

Maybe it is just coincidence. And maybe the partying had nothing to do with his injuries. But what is certain is that the partying can’t hurt him if he’s not doing it. So this should be a welcome change to all Rays fans.



  1. Political_Man says:

    There were a lot of people talking about Longoria's partying as the reason he had trouble staying on the field. He seems to be acknowledging that in this article.

  2. Michael says:

    I remember seeing Longa at the Dubliner in SoHo for $5 liter night just a few days before Opening Day in 2010 (the year we signed ManRam and Damon). Then, on Opening Night, he strains his oblique swinging the bat. I couldn't help but think "Come on, Longo, leave the crushing liters of beers to the pros, you're too important."


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