Here is Chris Archer’s reaction after Desmond Jennings made a great running catch to preserve Archer’s complete game shutout…



  1. Scot says:

    Yes - a bit over the top. However, Archer is one of the more articulate players as exhibited during the post-game interview. Todd "TK" Kalas just let him talk. What a difference compared to Desmond "DJ" Jennings who doesn't even know the type of pitches thrown to him. (It also demonstrated why TK should be the Rays' TV announcer.)

    • Dave L says:

      The great thing about the Archer CG reaction was it was wildly over the top as you say and understandably so and then the post game interview was a complete reversal 'hey business as usual', 'just like any other game"

      It was like the stoic Spock revealing unadulterated joy in finding Kirk to be actually alive, then afterward explaning that he was just pleased to know that starfleet had not lost an effective officer. Sorry if that reference reveals me to be an old geek.

      I love Archer already.

  2. His says:

    Archer is a joy to watch. Like garza out there. His interview was awesome. Imagine him in the playoffs.


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