We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-12-2013 6-36-01 PM
Just Longo doing Longo things
7-12-2013 5-57-20 PM
Well, the K-9 section was fairly full before the start of Friday's game
7-12-2013 6-06-03 PM
This is a bit risky when you've been dealt a 2-7 offsuit (that's poker lingo for everybody else)
7-12-2013 7-23-22 PM
Barbie is a Rays fan
7-12-2013 7-37-18 PM
An Astros outfielder almost died
7-12-2013 7-42-08 PM
A Rays fan walked into the Trop and ummmm, I forgot the rest of the joke.
7-12-2013 7-58-40 PM
I hope none of these fans get hit by a home run
Cosart's debut included 8 shutout innings against the Rays and one ball to the face
7-12-2013 8-52-17 PM
Longo got caught looking or else it might have been a sweep
7-12-2013 8-59-21 PM
7-12-2013 11-51-10 PM
Just in case you thought the umps only screwed the Rays, the Padres were called for obstruction on this play giving the runner third base
7-12-2013 11-54-16 PM
This is straight out of the AJ Pierzynski school of baserunning
7-13-2013 5-42-30 PM
Astros network showed some old clips of Dewayne Staats. I never get tired of these.
7-13-2013 5-52-25 PM
Chris Archer Face
7-14-2013 1-07-18 PM
At first it looked like Yunel Escobar's errorless streak came to an end on this. But it was later changed to a hit.
7-13-2013 5-59-10 PM
Digging this subtle addition to Fernando Rodney's routine
7-13-2013 5-59-32 PM
Worst first pitch in the history of the Rays
Yes, it was that bad...
7-14-2013 2-46-47 PM
Yes, you should be embarrassed
7-14-2013 1-13-03 PM
Andrew Friedman enjoyed some yucks in the booth
7-14-2013 1-18-57 PM
Whatcha doin', Matt?
7-14-2013 1-51-42 PM
In case you had trouble recognizing Carlos Pena in orange, his 0-4 with 3 strikeouts sure looked familiar
7-14-2013 2-28-18 PM
Ben Zobrist and Matt Moore are not the only Rays going to the All-Star game
7-14-2013 2-45-43 PM
Flash go boom
Yunel Escobar still has some crazy range
7-14-2013 3-21-57 PM
But later he pulled up and grabbed his hamstring running to first
7-14-2013 3-23-05 PM
He tipped his helmet to the crowd on his way out of the game
7-14-2013 3-37-10 PM
Nice grab by Jennings to end Chris Archer's complete game gem
Chris Archer was pretty excited about his first shutout
Roberto Hernandez was late to the jump-and-bump, but he's getting better
7-14-2013 3-38-08 PM
It's A Chris Archer complete game jump-and-bump sandwhich
7-14-2013 3-57-36 PM
BTW, Wil Myers won Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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  1. Scot says:

    With regards to the play, initially called an error by Escobar, the Astro TV announcers where very surprised by the call and wondered if the official just assumes Escobar can make plays that other shortstops don't have a chance at. In their book, it was a hit. They also pointed out that Escobar tipped his hat to somebody (the official?) when the play was called an error.

    And why did Matt Moore slip on the Carly "like my shorts" Rae pitch?

    Finally, ever notice Andrew Friedman appears to never says anything tangible? What did he say that we can watch for in the future?


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