We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Here are the Rays' sweet throwbacks on Matt Moore
And on Evan Longoria
A close-up of the cap on Wil Myers
7-7-2013 10-36-59 AM
And the White Sox wore their 1970s throwbacks
7-7-2013 10-53-28 AM
As we mentioned yesterday, even George Hendrick wore stirrups
Play of the weekend...
7-7-2013 10-18-39 PM
Here's a high school picture of Joe Maddon I had not seen before. It looks like an AAU squad (or similar)
7-7-2013 1-39-05 PM
It's bound to happen occasionally that the shift comes back to bite the Rays in the butt
7-7-2013 8-41-05 PM
Good to see Corn Cobb in the dugout
7-7-2013 2-39-17 PM
Pssst, it is behind you.
7-7-2013 7-33-26 PM
Manny Ramirez was back in action at triple-A and without his dreads
7-7-2013 8-50-21 PM
Brian Anderson slobbered all over this ballpark proposal
7-7-2013 8-52-52 PM
The unseen consequence: You've got 5 innings of baseball left and she would rather be telling everybody
7-7-2013 9-44-30 PM
It has been a while since we have seen the K-9 section in action
David Price gets the bump-and-jump treatment after throwing a complete game


  1. salter says:

    Looks like Hernandez didn't join in the group jump at the end of the game, had no one explained to him this is what the rays do! Hopefully he'll know for next time....

  2. Dre says:

    I noticed that the White Sox were wearing red caps on the field, but were batting with the black helmets. is this authentic to how the unis were in the 70's, or did they just not want to spring for red helmets at an away game?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      No, they should have been wearing red helmets. Oddly, this is the same throwback uniform the White Sox wore during Sunday home games last year (this year they are wearing 1980s throwbacks on Sundays). And last year they did wear red helmets. So at some point they definitely had red helmets that would go with these uniforms. Either they were given to charity (and they didn't want to buy new helmets), they forgot to pack them, or they didn't want to pack 2 sets of helmets for the road trip.

  3. Scot says:

    The White Sox throwback outfits are very classy - nice clean lines.


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