When the American League All-Star rosters were introduced before tonight’s game, the announcer got the names of Matt Moore and Ben Zobrist backwards.

It is unclear if he read them wrong or if the players were standing in the wrong spot. But the best part is the look on Moore’s face when he goes to tip his cap and hear’s Zobrist’s name. It was the ultimate “uh oh” face…



  1. Dave L says:

    Well Matt got his fifth inning as I predicted hopefully and smoked it

    And Ben got shut out which i feared but kinda expected.

    The AL won which is good when we make the WS....Right?

  2. Jimmy Delach says:

    I believe Joe Buck handled the player intros.

  3. zenny says:

    Yes, it was the (highly overrated) junior Buck, who can and will lovingly describe how many ounces of sweet cream Mariano Rivera puts in his coffee every morning ("And he pours with such class and precision!" swoon) but who can't be bothered to even recognize all-star players from the nether regions of MLB. It's called Bristolitis, a sadly common condition among national sports media types.

  4. mp645 says:

    Sad commentary that the mistake was not corrected. Why? Because we aren't a NY team that is why!

    Matt and Ben took it in stride and laughed. Good for them! Some of the "stars" would have thrown a hissy fit.

  5. ed says:

    just curious, Bud Selig once again went on a rant, can't say i disagree totally with him, but when was the last time mlb helped the rays with anything, we never had an all star game, i know there is revenue sharing, but Bud rarely comes to our games, anyway i was just wondering, actually the only all star game i remember being here was for hockey , and hasn't been back since, plenty of super bowls though.Oh well, we live in such a beautiful area you would think that mlb would try harder to push it's product here, well that's my rant for today , go rays.

  6. Frank says:

    Well not only were our All-Stars not announced correctly (way to go Buck, if it was the Cardinals, we'd know what they ate that morning!). And to Jim Leyland, the only thing better than not playing Zorilla (of course you drilled him the day after cry baby Cabrera heard some chin music from Rodney) is you just gave the Rays home field advantage for the series!


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