We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-29-2013 5-09-11 PM
David Price (Yes, that's Price) still wearing his lucky arm sleeve with numerous holes
7-29-2013 5-16-00 PM
Ben Zobrist had an interesting reaction to a called third strike
Ummm, what are Chris Archer and Fernando Rodney talking about?
7-29-2013 5-26-30 PM
Longo being Longo
7-29-2013 6-36-47 PM
Quite a sky hanging over Fenway last night
7-29-2013 6-45-31 PM
Red Sox fan (far left) is missing a good game
7-29-2013 6-50-16 PM
Wil Myers with some agressive baserunning, stealing third with two outs even if the slide was odd
7-29-2013 6-52-11 PM
Matt Garza looks odd in red
7-29-2013 8-16-11 PM
And what's up with his goatee? Is half of it missing?
7-29-2013 7-25-47 PM
The Red Sox scored their lone run on a ball off the Pesky Pole
7-29-2013 7-39-17 PM
And then Victorino robbed Luke Scott of a home run with his eyes closed
7-29-2013 7-42-09 PM
Even he seemed surprised to catch the ball
The fans scurried like they were under attack when it started to rain
7-29-2013 8-40-54 PM
Price came back from the rain delay and struck out a surprised Jonny Gomes
And Price was not happy when he saw Maddon coming to take him out after just 1 batter
What a throw by Sam Fuld
The reactions by Price and Archer were priceless...
7-29-2013 8-54-38 PM
He was safe (hehehehe)
7-29-2013 9-13-09 PM
Rays win!


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