We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-30-2013 8-33-56 PM
Love the sight of this...
7-30-2013 6-20-59 PM
The game got off to a good start when Jennings doubled on a ball that didn't even get by the outfielders.
Brian Anderson described this as Loney getting "snipered" at second base
7-30-2013 6-44-56 PM
A storm knocked out some lights and there was a brief delay
Guess it has been long enough for Escobar to stop pretending like he does the chest-high safe sign against everybody and not just the Blue Jays
The ballboy protecting the bullpen had a rough night for a little while
But he finally made a great play and the relievers went wild!
7-30-2013 8-37-56 PM
And that earned the ballboy a chat with Todd Kalas
Roberto Hernandez actually showed up on time for his own complete game jump-and-bump!

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  1. Dre says:

    almost the entire segment of the game covered by sports center was about the ball boy as well. apparently his name is RJ Boggs, if anyone is interested (since clearly ESPN was)


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