We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Wil Myers has now officially made it. He had a sit-down with Jenny Dell
Cool shot of Desmond Jennings leaping for a ball at the wall
Missed it by that much...
Missed it by that much...the sequel
Hey, look who got a haircut
Although, based on that last image, you'd never guess there was still so much up top
Evan Longoria is confused
From Tuesday, this was an odd split to use on a guy's first day in the big leagues
Two days in the big leagues and Wil Myers already has Under Armour wristbands in team colors with his initials
Hockey updates for the Boston fans
Fernando Rodney looks thrilled to be coming into a non-save situation with 2 outs


  1. Lane Meyer says:

    It's so nice to see that Will Myers doesn't wear batting gloves. Countless hours playing the Red Sox would be saved if all players followed suit. Pedroia and Ortiz step out after every pitch to "re-tighten" their gloves.


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