Wil Myers hit two more home runs today, giving him 12 on the season and seven in his last 14 games. Dude is on fire. Unfortunately, the Rays can afford to be patient considering how well the offense is doing these days.

Here are both home runs. The first one clears the center field fence. But it is the second one that is must see, an absolute bomb to left field…



  1. Bill says:

    Scott will sleep on some hard mattresses soon, head to DL. Myers will come up and play RF, Joyce and others will rotate through DH. Watch.

  2. Political Man says:

    Yea, I don't get the idea that there is nowhere for him to play. The way Scott is hitting and Joyce is fielding Joyce is a better option at DH vs RH pitchers. Lefty appearances can be days off for somebody at DH while Myers is in right and Zobrist is wherever.

    I like Luke Scott but he's not producing.


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