We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Everybody excited when Myers' jersey was hanging in his locker before the game, but this wasn't even the jersey he wore in his first MLB game
Myers took a moment to sign autographs before the game
And wore laser beam sunglasses
In the bottom of the first it became official when Myers took his spot in right field
Nerves? Tired? Overly relaxed?
It's too bad Myers didn't even get to wear an actual game cap for his first game
Molina took a shot to the chin that rattled him
Hickey is spending a lot of time on the mound these days
Rain was the story of game 1
Foul ball faces are always the best
Joyce grabbing his knee is not
Umps stopped the game because this guy was standing in the batter's eye. But instead of moving he just ducked down
One more look at Myers' first big league hit
The Rays did wear their greys and regular caps game 2
Many guys would just shave their head completely. This guy grew a fantastic mustache.
Wrong game, dude.
Joe not happy. Hickey must have said Italian wines are better than French wines.
papiSHIFT. Flip your bat on that, Papi.
Are we keeping you up?


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