Here is the moment that Nick Ciuffo heard his name called by Bud Selig. After a short video about Ciuffo, the young catcher is interviewed and talks about his own skills and joining the Rays. He also wiggles his ears at the end…



  1. phil says:

    good first pick…college player next?

  2. George Geo (@Hawthe) says:

    Great pick.. Rays should have pounded Catcher and gone 3/3 catcher picks in the first day.. haha

  3. phil says:

    adding a pitcher with the second pick allows them to trade a current pitcher for another bat or catcher closer to the big leagues

  4. Beth says:

    So…..who determines which prospects will actually come to the draft, hang out at the MLB cave and have little videos made of them? I assume someone is making some predictions about who will go in the first day. I’m just imaginging the poor kids who come up with their families and maybe don’t hear their name called until the 2nd day — or later.

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