6-4-2013 8-40-35 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Tigers 10, RAYS 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Alex Torres. Torres is pitching like he wants to hang around for a while. And at this point, it would be surprising if he were sent back to Durham. And if he does get demoted, it won’t be for long. In 10.1 innings for the Rays this season, Torres has allowed 1 hit. 1! He has struck out 12, walked 3 and still hasn’t given up a run, often giving Joe Maddon and the rest of the bullpen some much-needed innings…Derek Shelton. Evan Longoria had a bit of a mini-slump recently. Nothing terrible. But he hit just .247 with no home runs over a span of 19 games. Nobody seemed to notice because the Rays were winning. But Longo noticed, and possibly Derek Shelton. In the last 2 games, Longo has a home run and a triple (really a double, played into a triple). And both big hits came to right field, a sign that Longo is trying to break his slump by going the other way. And so far it is working.

THE BAD: Matt Moore. It was just one of those nights for Moore. The velocity on his fastball was fine, averaging 92 mph. But there wasn’t quite as much movement as he usually gets. When his fastball is on, even his 4-seemer will get 10-11 inches of horizontal movement. Last night it was less than 9 according to Pitchf/x. He also went away from his usual gameplay of about 25% curve/sliders (whatever you want to call it). Instead, only 9 (~10%) of his pitches were breaking balls. This may have been a plan specifically geared for the powerful Tigers lineup. But sometimes if you take a young pitcher out of his comfort zone it ends badly. Last night it ended badly.

THE TELLING: The way the Rays have been playing revolving door with their rotation and bullpen, don’t be surprised to see a new face for tonight’s game after the bullpen threw 6 innings last night…Chris Archer will start Friday’s game, followed by Jeremy Hellickson and Matt Moore…Wil Myers was named the International League player of the week…The Rays are 31-26, 4 games behind the Red Sox and 1.5 games behind both the Yankees and Orioles.


  • If you haven’t seen it yet, Alex Rodriguez and a lot of other players are in big trouble. [BI Sports]
  • With Chris Gimenez, the third string catcher, on the DL, the Rays have signed Jesus Flores to a  minor league deal. Flores has played parts of 5 seasons with the Nationals.
  • Tomorrow is the MLB Draft. The last time the Rays drafted a player that has made it to the big leagues with the Rays was 2007. [Adam Kohler]
  • This ejection of a Pirates catcher was ridiculous. [BI Sports]
  • Nuke is having a rough time in the Durham Bulls mascot races. [WDBB]
  • A Q&A with Scott Kazmir about his return to the big leagues. [Fangraphs]
  • Joe has everything you need to know about Bucs OTAs. [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM 6, Indianapolis 2 (13). Wil Myers was just 1-5, but his lone single led to the Bulls go-ahead run in the 13th inning…Alex Colome allowed 2 runs in 4 innings…Josh Lueke pitched 2 scoreless innings, allowing no hits or walks.

Pensacola 2, MONTGOMERY 1. Game suspended in the 7th inning.

Dunedin 8, CHARLOTTE 5. Richie Shaffer was 1-4 with an RBI. He’s hitting .250…Kes Carter hit his 2nd home run…Jake Hager had 3 hits, raising his average to .284.

BOWLING GREEN. no game scheduled





  1. Chris D says:

    On a note from Durham, Kirby Yates (our defacto closer for the last few weeks) was yanked after 1 batter (3 pitches). He's not on the 40, but there was no injury and no reason to pull him.

  2. Kevin says:

    Any idea why Torres isn't being moved into the rotation? I do realize its only 10 innings and the guys the rays have choose from have hundreds of minor league innings to be evaluated on. But Torres has pitched well in all outings and I believe the rays were well behind in all 3 when he entered. I know they won one of the games but do they value resting the bullpen that highly compared to pitching the best guys in The most meaningful situations? Seems odd to me.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      My guess is that this could be like Wade Davis last year. When the Rays need extra starters last year David was never called. Part of that was the lame excuse of stretching his arm out. But it was mostly that Davis was excelling in that role and they didnt want to mess with a good thing. I'm sure moving to the rotation is a possibility, especially if Hernandez struggles. But right now, I think they like where he is.

    • Chris D says:

      Someone with better stats than me should look this up, but from memory, thus far this year starting in Durham, Torres has been effective for the first 4 or so innings and then tends to run into big innings thereafter. This is different than in previous years where he just had no control. But, it seems as if the 2nd (and presumably 3rd) time through might not be a good fit for him right now.

      • Dave L says:

        I have no idea where to find detailed MiLB stats like those. I was debating someone here about Archers pitch counts but couldn't find the data to back it up only second hand info.

        I think they still have hopes for Torres as a starter in the future but this year with McGee starting out shaky and not trusting in Ramos, they need a lefty arm in the pen.

        Having a solid lefty multi inning guy in the pen is a nice luxury.

  3. Bobby says:

    Torres> Odorizzi+Archer.

    I said this all along. He had the best numbers in Durham. Another dumb move by Friedman

    • Dave L says:

      Its alot easier to pitch to only guys who have never seen you and never get a second crack at you.

      Wade Davis era got cut in half when he went to the pen.

      Now they doubled again that he's starting.

      Hard to see how having an effective lefty in the pen is deemed a failed move?

  4. Don says:

    Every "Ace" has a bad game...... once in awhile.... BUT "bad finger" pitches tonight? ... tough it out "corn" boy........ not pretty after that....Is Prices "head" (oh I mean tricep) ready yet?....we may need him..

  5. JJ says:

    The Tigers have a very scary lineup and some pretty good arms, I'll be happy to get out of there without being swept.
    News on Price has been scarce. What's up with him?

  6. reeni645 says:

    I was up in Durham last weekend. Wil Myers is still not super impressive. He contiues to have a 30% strike out rate, did look more confident in right field and didn't run into the center fielder's territory.

    I think he needs to develop more polish at Durham, decrease his K rate and be a Sept call up. There is simply no current outfielder that would or should be dropped from the Ray's 25 man roster to accomodate him.

    If you ever get a chance, drive up to Durham and see some of the games. Bulls have to be the best of the International League AAA teams with big time quality players just waiting for "the call". Very friendly stadium.


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