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Red Sox 2, RAYS 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Chris Archer Is Emotional

THE BAD: Some Don’t Think Athletes Should Ever Show Emotion. The Red Sox TV crew did not like Archer’s dance. Brian Anderson said Archer needs to “be careful.” Red Sox fans were angry. And even Daniel Nava clearly did not like the dance…

THE TELLING: This is just Chris being Chris, and that’s OK. I was critical of Yunel Escobar earlier this season when he made the safe sign against the Blue Jays. Even though he claimed he had been doing it all season (he had not), his was clearly directed towards the Jays and their fans. Archer wasn’t directing his emotion at anybody and this wasn’t the first time Archer danced off the mound. He did it on an earlier strikeout (right). And his most animated dance came after giving up a home run (left). Nobody on the Red Sox seemed to care then…

And of course, I don’t ever recall the Red Sox TV crew complaining when David Ortiz flips his bat or takes five minutes to round the bases on a home run. And they were completely mum when Koji Uehara danced off the mound later in the game…


  • Former Rays prospect Justin Ruggiano to Matt Joyce on playing for the Rays: “Whatever you do, don’t ever leave there.” That quote is from a cool piece by Bob Nightengale on Joe Maddon. [USA Today]
  • The Rays have signed their second round pick, Riley Unroe. His signing bonus was “above slot” meaning the Rays paid more than Major League Baseball recommends for that spot in the draft. [MLBTR]
  • Luke Scott is slumping…again. []
  • The Lightning are part of the evolution of the NHL since the “Original Six” (which is a bit of a misnomer). [BI Sports]
  • Who is making the decisions over at One Buc Place? [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM. No game scheduled

MONTGOMERY. No game scheduled

Tampa @ CHARLOTTE. postponed

BOWLING GREEN 11, Dayton 6. Blake Snell struck out 4 and allowed 2 runs (1 earned) in 5 innings…Justin O’Conner homered for the 3rd straight game and the 4th time in his last 5 games.





  1. buccanAy says:

    I have no problem with players showing emotion, but this was too much. He looked like a minor leaguer last night, in more ways than one. Kissin' the bicep is too much, IMO. The Sox reliever who jumped off them mound was mocking Archer, in case you didnt realize. I'm a Archer fan, but I bet his teamates were not real happy about it, and I bet he shows a bit more restraint next time. Not only did I think he was "over dramatic", his timing was not good as his team was losing because of his poor pitching.

  2. Mr.Smith 1980 says:

    I think he unintentionally overstepped the bounds between being excited and showing-up an opponent.
    It was plain to see (unless you're a chowda-head) that he was not mocking or trying to purposefully embarrass Nava... but unfortunately he did. Just a kid being a kid and pushing a little too far.

    Longo may be having another power surge, but his ability to be a timely hitter has all but disappeared. He's swinging out of his socks on everything low in the zone, and watching him in contrast to Pedroia (whom I cannot stand) and Ellsbury he looks like a much, much easier batter to handle. The aforementioned Sux players seem to eat up 7-10 pitches every at bat and make key adjustments throughout the AB, while Longo just keeps swinging for the fences in high leverage situations... he needs to reestablish his strike zone- he's done a fabulous job of helping opposing pitchers stretch his zone down to about 2 inches off the ground.

    • Ken says:

      Re: Archer:
      I remember watching a Mets/Cards game in 1967 where a similar circumstance occured when a young kid named Danny Frisella got the start, he was facing Gibson. He struck a couple of Cards out in the first couple of innings and fist pumped in the air afterward. He came up in the 3rd and Gibby hit him in the back on the first pitch. He batted again in the 5th and, again, Gibby hit him square in the back. Never saw him fist pump again.
      The DH has taken that type "internal discipline" away.
      I really like this kid, he's got great stuff. Hopefully Hickey and Maddon can reroute his exuberance inward.
      Good point on Longo Mr. Smith, could be applied to other Rays as well. We seem to lack players (Zobrist excepted) who can work counts this year. Too many 4 pitch AB's. When the team is crushing the ball it's overlooked, in one run losses it's a glaring weakness.

  3. s says:

    I watched the NESN broadcast. Fuck them. They whined about Archer all night, yet when Uehara reacted like he had just struck out the side in game 7 of the WS, there comment was "he's fired up!" Hypocritical bastodds!!!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Don't forget that this is the guy who was caught on camera weeping before his first MLB start. He's clearly no Jeremy Hellickson.

    At this point in his career, every start is a fight to make this rotation so a good inning has a much higher significance to him than it does to a veteran. If he's still dancing after strikeouts in his 20th MLB start, maybe Joel Peralta can have a word with him.

  5. Adam says:

    On Riley Unroes signing(from BA): June 12: Rays Land Unroe For $1 Million

    The Rays and second-rounder Riley Unroe have agreed to a $1 million bonus that will become official when he signs his contract on Friday. His bonus is 8 percent more than the $927,500 assigned value for his No. 60 selection.
    –Jim Callis


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