We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Fernando Rodney really put his heiny into this arrow
Look at those gorgeous stirrups on Chris Archer
Matt Moore had to protect the family jewels on the first pitch of the game
What the... ?
You could tell Sunday was just going to be one of those days
What Carlos Pena knew (and Joyce doesn't) is that you don't have to rush the bunt-vs-shift. Just get it down fair and you'll beat it out.
How often do you see two infielders dive for a ball and miss?
This dude must have been disappointed to arrive at the Trop and see the Orioles.
Luke Scott played first base for the first time since last season and immediately had a tough play
The Happy Heckler made what I believe is his first appearance of the season
And shortly after he started yelling, he had security in front of him
The ballboy nearly killed somebody in the Orioles bullpen
Kelly Nash sporting the Jeremy Hellickson headphone giveaways
I know it was Adam Jones, but this home run angle is one of my favorite things about the Trop
Lid is cocked and ready
The Zorilla home run lean
And this was the reaction to the Zobrist home run in the dugout
Luke Scott needs a reality show after he retires: Duck Dynasty meets Doomsday Preppers
Beaten by the shift
Why in the world was Jose Molina acting like he had no idea this ball would be thrown home?
Matt Joyce turned in one of the lone bright spots on Sunday. Yes, Matt Joyce.


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