We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

The sunbursts caps were back
Miguel Cabrera was impressed with Alex Cobb's curveball (via BlessYouBoys)
Yunel Escobar was probably safe on this play at third
But it shouldn't have even been close as Escobar hesitates on way to third
Hell of a throw as James Loney went to second on this sac attempt
Alex Cobb gets sensual
Sit down, Prince!
Don't throw it, Alex!!!
You threw it
This is so Joe Maddon. He calls for the intentional walk of Miguel Cabrera with a smirk on his face
Jose Lobaton did an amazing job blocking this horrible pitch
And eventually Joel Peralta came up big with the strikeout of Prince Fielder
Sam Fuld led of the 9th with an amazing drag bunt-and-slide
And after 1 run was in, the Tigers made a huge mistake bringing the infield in against Evan Longoria
This is depressing
This is not.


  1. Beazy says:

    "don't throw it! He threw it!" lol

  2. reeni645 says:

    The starburst caps look like a seagull crapped on their heads.


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