Earlier tonight, John Lackey hit Matt Joyce and the benches emptied. This happened a few innings after Lackey got into a shouting match with Sean Rodriguez.

Well, after the game, the Red Sox studio crew tried to explain the plunking of Joyce and boy do they sound like complete idiots. And if they are right, well the Red Sox are complete idiots.

The studio crew says Joyce got hit because he “dropped his bat” on a long foul ball after hitting a home run earlier in the game. They believe Joyce has not earned the right to “pimp” his home runs. Because apparently dropping a bat is “pimping a home run.”

To add to their idiocy, they point to Lackey yelling at the Rays dugout and say he is yelling at Joyce. YOU CAN SEE JOYCE IN THE PICTURE. Lackey is not yelling at Joyce.

They then go on to blame Luke Scott for the pushing and shoving as if Lackey never hit anybody on purpose. This is a hundred types of dumb. Here’s the video…



  1. Mike says:

    Idiots. I was concerned that Jonny was going to hurt someone when I saw the benches clear though. I really wish he was still on our side.

  2. Bill says:

    It looks like when Joyce dropped his bat it hit the catcher. No wonder he was pissed.

  3. Sarah says:

    I guess the announcers don't want to say, "Boy, John Lackey is one a-hole" so they need to create a good explanatory narrative.

  4. Andy says:

    Idiots is an excellent term. At the end, they say that Scott's pushing into the pile almost knocks down an umpire, when the reality is - right on their clip - that Jonny Gomes nearly knocked down an ump by pushing him in the back. The ump tumbles off to the right, just to stay on his feet. So, WTF are those idiots talking about?!!!

    Btw, it's kinda cool that Jonny G picked on an ump & not one of the Rays 🙂 Looked like he was unsure what to do, after the push, that is. lol

  5. Geoff Peterson says:

    There's nothing "Old School" about a pitcher that doesn't have to bat himself drilling a player. If he's so tough that he can hit Joyce, why does he need his catcher to protect him? Old school players would laugh at this kind of chickensh#t nonsense.

    • Allen says:

      Good point, Geoff. Pitchers don't bat in the AL, so they have nothing to fear. I have never favored throwing at hitters. Players could be seriously injured and careers could be ended. I do understand throwing inside, but not intentionally hitting a batter.

      I wonder if there are any stats on hitters being injured by pitchers vs. pitchers being injured by hitters who can't control where their hits go.

  6. Ricky C says:

    Were they right on any of their observations? Wow, for all of the Boston baseball "tradition" you would think they would have some decent analysts who knew what the frick they were talking about.

  7. Brynot says:

    Sounds like like this is the meeting place of sore losers.

  8. MarkE says:

    Does anyone else find it laughingly ironic that the RedSux are supposedly offended by Joyce's alleged "bat flip"? Ortiz is the Ochocinco of the dramatic bat flip.

  9. Beazy says:

    Well, let me simplify it! FUCK BOSTON!

  10. Bill says:

    One thing that I feel was missed in the whole thing was Saltalam... whatever's actions. I have no problem with a catcher positioning himself between an irate batter and his pitcher and motioning for him go to first. But Saltass, grease hair, saltyballs, whatever his name is... grabbed Joyce physically. And that is the real point where the escalation began. In my opinion, obviously partial, a catcher or any player should be immediately ejected for physically grabbing or otherwise contacting an opposing player during a dead ball situation or during play in an aggressive way not associated with making a clean baseball play.

  11. Chad says:

    What are the names of these two idiots talking?

  12. formattedfire says:

    Hey Don (Our resident Yankees fan, Sternberg/Rays hater), Zobrist was trying to protect Joyce. God you slay me.

    • Bill says:

      FYI... Don throws down his anti-Rays rhetoric (I use the term loosely) and never comes back to check comments.


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