The Rays have announced that first-round pick Nick Ciuffo (SHOO-fo) has signed.

Earlier, Roger Mooney of the reported that Ciuffo would sign for the amount recommended by Major League Baseball for the no. 21 pick ($1.97 million).

Ciuffo, a high school catcher out of South Carolina, will report to the rookie-level Gulf Coast League Rays. Their season begins today.

Nick Ciuffo



  1. Joey says:

    Trying to make up for Posey Part III.

    Part I: O'Connor- bust
    Part II: Bailey- bust
    Part III Ciuffo- soon to be bust

    Have a bad feeling about this pick for real. Won't know for a while. Prove me wrong Nick.

    • Sarah says:

      Bad feeling based on scouting reports, or bad feeling as in "Rays have blown it before so I assume they'll blow it again"?

      • Bob Onmeknobb says:

        Both. Know some folks in the Lexington sc area and I drilled them with questions before we drafted him. I will say the reports on his arm and glove are pretty impressive. However, arm strength isn't everything, remember o Connor supposedly touched mid to upper nineties out of high school.

  2. Scot says:

    Don, you are absolutely correct. Those who think he should go to college are nuts. He can always go back later.. which many do.

    However, what is it about Rays players with Italian names which they don't pronounce correctly. The name is pronounced "CHOOfo". And Ordizzi's name is to be pronounce "orDItsi", like "pizza", but plural, with the "i" at the end.

  3. Scot says:

    Sorry, that is "odorITSi" for Odorizzi. Same principle applies.


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