The Rays have announced that first-round pick Nick Ciuffo (SHOO-fo) has signed.

Earlier, Roger Mooney of the reported that Ciuffo would sign for the amount recommended by Major League Baseball for the no. 21 pick ($1.97 million).

Ciuffo, a high school catcher out of South Carolina, will report to the rookie-level Gulf Coast League Rays. Their season begins today.

Nick Ciuffo



  1. Joey says:

    Trying to make up for Posey Part III.

    Part I: O'Connor- bust
    Part II: Bailey- bust
    Part III Ciuffo- soon to be bust

    Have a bad feeling about this pick for real. Won't know for a while. Prove me wrong Nick.

    • Sarah says:

      Bad feeling based on scouting reports, or bad feeling as in "Rays have blown it before so I assume they'll blow it again"?

      • Bob Onmeknobb says:

        Both. Know some folks in the Lexington sc area and I drilled them with questions before we drafted him. I will say the reports on his arm and glove are pretty impressive. However, arm strength isn't everything, remember o Connor supposedly touched mid to upper nineties out of high school.


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