Nick Ciuffo is a high school catcher out of South Carolina, that Keith Law describes as the “best receiver” in the draft (see video below). Here is Ciuffo with Bud Selig

6-6-2013 8-11-19 PM

Here is what Law had to saw about Ciuffo…

And here is another prospect video…



  1. Bob Lablah says:

    Friend of mine's son goes to school with Nick in Lexington, SC and I called him this morning to talk about this kid. He said his batting numbers in HS were fudged. Pops out way too much. Only 5 bombs. His attitude in the class room was awful. Turned in a blank senior paper and told his teacher he doesn't care about school. He did say he has a cannon for an arm with sub 1.7 pop times. Sounds like another Justin O'Connor / Luke Bailey project with an attitude perfect for Bowling Green. I'm not a fan of the pick but I do hope my source is wrong.

    • pete says:

      I'm thinking your report was wrong. By all accounts this kids work ethic is off the charts. I don't think fudging HS stats is as easy as it was say 20 years ago. The only knocks I've heard on him are he is too aggressive on the field and has poor footwork on the throw to 2nd.

      His classroom work ethic could be another story.

  2. Don says:

    Molina will be in a nursing home...before he is ready.....what to do next year....year after that, after that......still no Catchers on the horizon
    If I was going to get $2mil +/- next week, I wouldn't have turned in ANY paper in H.S....for what?


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