Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

This is the tightrope the Rays will walk for the remainder of the year. If they are to make a run at a postseason shot, staff ace Matt Moore pretty much has to run the table. For possibly the first time this season, he pitched poorly and couldn’t escape with a win. He looked to be a shell of himself.

Whether it was a layoff due to Friday night’s debacle in Cleveland (just what genius at Major League Baseball offices changed this stupid rainout rule? It’s killing teams that find themselves trying to sandwich a game around thunderstorms) or maybe for reasons unknown, Moore has a tired arm? His fastball was barely breaking 90 mph, which for him is not a good sign.

Of course, the icing on this cake was Kyle Farnsworth throwing batting practice again. This guy is toast! When will Merlot Joe figure out Farnsworth needs to be taken to the nearest glue factory? He’s shot, done, finished. Why does Merlot Joe trot out Farnsworth hoping expecting a different result will happen? You know what is said about people who repeat the same actions and expect a different outcome, right?

Well, let’s hope the only problem with Moore is that his timing is just screwed up from the past weekend and the lack of velocity is nothing more than a blip as opposing to something more dire.



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