JoeRaysFanJoe is back with his postgame thoughts…

One cool thing about this season, prior to June, was the dominance of the new Rays’ ace, Matt Moore.

In his past two games, Moore looked more Scotty Kazmir than David Price.

Is Matt Moore hiding something? His velocity is down. So too is the movement on his fastball, which, again, isn’t so fast any more.

Here the Rays were starting to turn the corner or may have turned the corner, then, whammo! Moore just got lit up today for the second straight game. Hard. He was throwing batting practice.

It’s bad enough that David Price is on the disabled list. If Moore can’t go, this is bad news. Bad news indeed.


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  1. Miguel Grande says:

    It's odd that the Rays starting pitching is so bad when finally, they have an offensive team that can field the ball and hit.


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