Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Riding the rollercoaster of the Rays season is what Joe’s takes here are all about. So Joe’s not ashamed to admit he was pondering the Rays’ 2013 funeral after Saturday’s heinous loss in the Bronx that pushed the Rays into the A.L. East cellar.

But a mere two days and two dominant victories later, Joe’s now waiting on a winning streak like the 11-gamer of the Blue Jays, one the Rays broke last night in masterful fashion, 4-1 at the Trop.

Just one great run like that now, or in July, or in August, would set up the Rays for a playoff drive that wouldn’t need a 2011 miracle.

This team has proven that it’s too good to fall off the map, proven that whatever punches it in the gut won’t faze men under the attitude control of Joe Maddon.

Last night’s consecutive homers by James Loney, Wil Myers and Sam Fuld were just more of the exciting stuff that makes this Rays team consistently different from all others. And when it accompanies the pitching everyone rightfully expects, it makes that next big winning run seem inevitable.





  1. Blake says:

    The schedule after Detroit this weekend is ripe for a streak like the one you are looking for. We go @Houston then a nice long home stretch against White Sox, Twins, and then more Astros to go into the All-Star Break. Three of the worst 5 records in the AL.

  2. Ken says:

    Got to agree Joe, the season long roller coaster ride has taken it's toll on me as well. I still feel the team is just a couple of minor tweaks away from being truly balanced. Call me crazy but this morning I was thinking that trying to pry Ruggiano from the Marlins (which shouldn't take much plus he knows the system) and bringing up L. Anderson (I think we lose him after the season anyway) might be affordable options. Who would I dispatch? I'd vote for SRod (has an option) and Scott. Losing Scott would not be a crushing blow. He's as inconsistent as ever and we could use the cash. SRod, great guy it seems, but really never turned out to be the "dude". We'd keep the L/R balance, and add some pop and defense. Just day dreaming but....


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