Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Could this series win against the powerful Tigers be a turning point in the season? Joe’s thinking it could. It was impressive. Hellboy, who for reasons unknown, pitches well in daytime games, which puzzles Joe because, unlike Minute Maid Park in Houston which for a dome is bathed in sunlight during the day, in the Fruitdome, it’s hard to tell if it’s night or day. Hellboy holds the Tigers to a single run through six and the Rays bullpen did the rest.

Merlot Joe may have played mindgames with loudmouth Miguel Cabrera by bringing in musclebound Kyle Farnsworth to perhaps drill him with a pitch but Merlot Joe is not that dumb. Why would Merlot Joe bring the tying run to the plate in dangerous hitting Prince Fielder? That’s just plain stupid. A win is more important that payback; in fact a win is the ultimate payback.

Crooked cap Fernando Rodney has been throwing smoke of late and appears to have righted himself after his World Baseball Classic manager (and Yankmees coach) Tony Pena did his best to Pearl Harbor his arm for the year last winter. Rodney simply owned the Tigers this weekend.

As of this writing, the Rays are six games out of first place and three games out of the wild card race as we enter July. That’s nothing! Consider the Rays won this series without Dirtbag and that their ace pitcher, David Price, is on the shelf.

The season is hardly over. Given the Rays penchant of playing good ball down the stretch, if anything, this season is beginning to heat up.

Joe’s betting even always-gushing Kelly Nash will agree.



  1. JJ says:

    2012, Rays were 43-29 after game 82. 2013, same record, with more injuries but better position players. Let's go 10-4 into the break and see what the next 10 weeks bring.

  2. Rob says:

    Yankees lost tonight and the Rays moved into third.


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