Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Rare is it that Joe cannot quibble with a Rays win. This is one of those times.

Strong pitching, good hitting, outstanding flashes of defense, specifically by Dirtbag and Kelly Johnson, made this as about as a complete win as Joe can remember in a while.

When the Rays needed hits, they got them. When the Rays needed defense, they got some. When the Rays needed some pitching, they got it. Even Kyle Farnsworth pitched a full inning unscathed! That’s how everything went right for the Rays.

More and more on defense, and at the plate, Dirtbag is reminding Joe of Brooks Robinson. His stab of a ball way to his right to get an out, throwing completely across the infield was strong. Kelly Johnson saved a likely triple to left when he raced in for a shoestring catch. Web gem!

Seriously, this was about as complete a victory as Joe can remember. Hellboy pitched like the Hellboy of old. Joe is starting to wonder if perhaps this team has finally turned the corner this weekend?

Joe’s going to guess that cutie MILF Martina McBride, performing after the game, is equally impressed?


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  1. JJ says:

    Playing well one day at a time will get them there. This is a pretty good team, and could be even better. As a long time Rays fan I'm just giddy over the offense.
    Sweep tomorrow hopefully.


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