Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Joe is still having acid reflux over Merlot Joe giving away that extra-inning game Monday night to the BlowSux. So Joe got a virtual purple pill Tuesday night when the Rays slapped around the BlowSux.

The Rays needed the bad Roberto Hernandez to come through after the pitching staff was taxed the previous inning, and not just by eating innings. But by getting on top of the BlowSux. For the most part, the bad Roberto Hernandez did just that.

Joe really believes the X-factor for a successful Rays season is Desmond Jennings who really isn’t lighting things up, with the exception of Tuesday. If Jennings can raise that batting average to about .300 thereby getting on base more, it will sure make things easier for guys like James Loney, Dirtbag and Zorilla.

The Rays have played terribly against the BlowSux this year. Getting another win Wednesday for a series win would really help turn things around.



  1. Bill says:

    Merlot Joe giving away extra inning game. I love Longo, but we all know it should never have gone to 10. Bases loaded, no outs, after a couple of walks and swings at two sliders that never appeared to be in the zone ? Not sure how you put that game on Maddon.

  2. Ken says:

    You don't put it on Maddon. Longo looked like EJ on that AB. "Superstars" bring that run home.

  3. Ken says:

    Fausto manned up last night. I stopped at Ferg's after the game and had the "crow" special. I'm not on the Fausto Bus yet but am willing to dine on crow more often if he gives us similar efforts down the line. After the Moore and Cobber melt downs the Rays needed a big game and he delivered.

  4. TOM says:


  5. bbmern says:

    Liked it when he plunked back for the team.


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