Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Joe really thought today’s take-that, lead-snatching grand slam by Wil Myers against C.C. Sabathia was going to be a turning point in the Rays season. A moment to be talked about for months, perhaps one Joe would tell his future grandkids. But it turned out to be another blown dream by a once proud bullpen.

This 7-5 loss in the Bronx was a true kick in the balls, and it sent the Rays into the A.L. East cellar — a destination they’ve earned.

You can’t blow game after game in series after series within your division.

You also can’t be sloppy in the field and walk nine. Nine!

And why the hell is Sean Rodriguez batting second? Hell, why was he playing?

Myers going 3-for-4, flashing young legs on the basepaths, and superstar grit and power at the plate, was something special. As the beer count grows tonight, Joe’s going to try and focus on Myers and the freakish domination of Alex Torres. That’s about all that is soothing right now.





  1. Chris D says:

    No reason for Torres to come out of this game when he did. He struggles (trust me) facing guys a 2nd time, but he faced 5, retired 5. Leave him in 1 more inning and this is a W.

  2. Ken says:

    Welcome Wil. Welcome to major league baseball played the "Rays' Way". Wait, you thought it odd that our 8th inning specialist would be in the game an inning early to face an all lefty lineup? What, you thought it odd that Torres, your lights out Durham buddy, didn't start the 7th after throwing only 20 pitches and striking out 3 of 5 batters? Huh, you were puzzled that the beat reporters' never even questioned the OBVIOUS way the game was managed?
    Wil, learn fast. There will only be "1" star on this team. His name is Maddon. When you lose the blame will fall on players for not following the "process". When you win the "group" will be credited for getting enough "points" to overcome managerial decisions you haven't seen made since high school.
    Welcome Wil, welcome to last place. Welcome to gutless apologists named Orestes, BA, Todd and DeeeeWayne. You'll meet others, some on this site, who will echo these facts. That the loss doesn't matter because as a small market team you must follow the "process" regardless of hitting big home runs
    Welcome to the Rays Way. No worry, if you're lucky you'll only be here 7 years. The rest of us will have to put up with this bullsh&t long after you're gone.

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    So what exactly is stopping a Fuld (or Rodriguez) down and Anderson up move from happening????

  4. Old bob says:

    This is why I listen to Dave and Andy and Neil with the tv on mute. They get it and report it, and you don't have to watch all that promo crap. I just gave up my season tickets this year after too long trips from pasco county.

    • Old bob says:

      Please disregard the promo comment. I like the comments on the radio because they don't work for the rays. Neil has spent time in Durham and brings good insight on players present and future. His pre and post game shows are great. This is just my opinion. I am a long time fan of this site and appreciate the quality of most of the comments.

  5. lousosh says:

    stick a fork in them. wait till next year. letsw go bucs

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    "its" is possessive.

    "it's" is a contraction for it and is...

    but that's probably way above your intellect...


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