Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

A way-too-soft throw to a cutoff man and looking like a minor leaguer at the plate highlighted savior right fielder Will Myers’ heralded debut this afternoon/evening in Boston.

Joe is so tempted to blast the kid for swinging at the first pitch after Sox starter Alfredo Aceves walked Evan Longoria and James Loney to lead off the second inning. But since Joe Maddon doesn’t believe in old school baseball, you can’t blame bundle-of-nerves Myers for coming out swinging — and popping out.

Sadly, Myers fit in beautifully with the rest of his comrades in the 5-1 loss — lifeless. The Rays’ bats were largely dead, and Chris Archer’s five-hit, five-walk performance through 4 2/3 was dreadful.

If there’s such a thing as desperate for a win on June 18, tonight’s second half of the doubleheader fells like it falls in that category.





  1. J 2.0 says:

    Paul Goldschmidt: .304 avg 17 hr 62 rbi 6 sb

    Yeah trading Price for him and a prospect or Didi Gregorius would make us the laughing stock of the league. Instead of trading for Goldschmidt with his 6 year team friendly contract, we should trade for some prospect.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      You're really still sticking to that? An ace for a 1st baseman who's numbers are comparable to the 1st baseman they've already got?


      Career numbers:
      Loney: .283 .340 .423 .763 (8 year sample)

      Goldschmidt: .285 .362 .508 .870 (2.5 year year sample)

      Loney is making 2MM and Goldschmidt is slated to make 32.05 MM from 2014-2018 (that's roughly 6 MM/year... that's not "team-friendly" in comparison.


      • J 2.0 says:

        That is borderline ignorant. Run of the mill firstbaseman? He has numbers better than Prince Fielder and Mark Texeira (when he is healthy) and those guys make $20 mil +. $6 million for that kind of production is very team friendly.

        Scott Kazmir was a legitimate ace at one point. Johan Santana was a legitimate ace at one point. One thing Price isn't is CC Sabathia so stop treating him like he is. We would be lucky if the D'backs even returned our calls for Goldschmidt, who is doing much better than Longoria at this point.

        Who would be your choice to trade Price for? Profar? Hitting .270 and isn't showing much power. You could tack Gregorious onto the Price trade if you think Goldschmidt alone isn't enough, but that is doubtful.

        You sound moronic calling Goldschmidt run of the mill. How many firstbasemen in the league are hitting .300 + and on pace for 40 HR's 140 RBI's and 15-20 SB's? Not many. Especially for $6 million a year.

        If our lineup were: Jennings, Zobrist, Longoria, Goldscmidt, Myers, and so on, it would be ridiculous. Also, stop comparing Loney to Goldschmidt. Especially since his average has dropped about 60 points over the last 20 or so games.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Your putting his numbers from less than 50% of one season against players who have statistically proven themselves to be good/great over multiple seasons.

          Of course I would like to have Goldschmidt, but not at the price of... Price. That's lunacy!

          His career numbers (which are still made of a relatively small sample size- i.e. less than 2 full seasons (263 games)) do not support the comparison to superstars.

          If every player who had a stellar first 45% of a season was able to maintain that level then there'd be 2000 more people in the H.O.F.

          • J 2.0 says:

            We're talking about the Rays here. We wouldn't be considering trading Price if we paid big contracts to big time players. So we have to not only factor in talent when trading Price, we also have to factor in money.

            Price will not be traded for an established star of equal service time because those players are very expensive. So, you look for guys with small impressive samples sizes with plenty of control. Mike Trout, no way the angels ever trade Trout, but with that said even if they did his arbitration years would kill us very quickly and we would be talking about "Who are we going to trade Trout for?" in no time. So you have to take guys like that off of the table.

            That brings us to a guy like Goldschmidt. Great production in a small sample size with plenty of control left. I would take a guy like this all day long over another "top prospect" that you hope puts up similar numbers. Right now we are all currently "hoping" that Myers can put up comparable numbers to Goldschmidt.

            Arizona has a good farm, and are ok with parting with top talent, Justin Upton. Can they afford Price? Yet to be seen. Would they part with Goldschmidt? Maybe. But I think we can all agree a power hitting 1B that hits .300 + and can swipe some bags is a need for any team. Even the Yankees.

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            Agreed. But the 6MM/year would represent 9-12% of the Rays payroll and they'd still have to find/pay a replacement for Price.

            Not a Rays-esque move. Not gonna happen.

          • J 2.0 says:

            We have a lot of arms in the farms. Also Arizona does too, so replacing Price is not the issue. Goldscmidt's contract breaks down as follows:

            2014: $1.1 million
            2015: $3.1 million
            2016: $5.87 million (New tv contract expected around this time)
            2017: $8.87 million
            2018: $11.1 million
            2019: $14.1 million

            Keep in mind we are paying Price $10 million. So that opens $9 million for free agents in 2014. Also for the production Goldschmidt has and is expected to churn out, his 2019 team option is even a steal. This move is the textbook definition of a Rays move.

            I have outlined a thorough intelligent argument. I am still waiting to hear who you think the Rays should get in return for Price.

      • OriginalTom says:

        Um, how can you look at those numbers and say Goldschmidt and Loney are comparable? Goldschmidt is easily one of the top half dozen first basemen in the game.

        • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

          Ummm... because their career numbers are comparable. I posted them so that you could see that.

          J 2.0 your comments and analysis are valid. Who should the Rays get for price?

          Profar and Alfaro.

          • OriginalTom says:

            A difference of .22 in OBP and .85 in SA are comparable? That is a huge difference.

          • J 2.0 says:

            I respect your choices and opinions. To me I think Goldschmidt and Gregorious/ maybe Miguel Montero would be more suitbale. We cannot take the risk of developing prospects for Price. Alfaro is hitting .250 in A ball and Profar hasn't shown the ability yet at the major league level. Atleast with Goldschmidt we have him locked in at the age of 26 (next year) he is young and will be on the team with Longo and Myers for years to come. Also if we deal with the D'Backs we won't have to see Price in an ALDS/ALCS matchup paired with Yu Darvish, that would be 2 games very tough to win.

            We have a difference in opinion, but we both support the right team. Go Rays and I defend your right to freely express your views.

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            Original Tom:

            Yes, they are comparable because one is a huge sample size and the other is very small.

            Statistically speaking ,the smaller sample size will most likely regress.. think of it in terms of the number of players batting .325 at the end of April as opposed to the number batting .325 at the end of August.

    • JJ says:

      If I were Friedman I'd be combing the waiver wire for sleeper 30+ pitchers with any sort of upside. While the current rotation scares me, I'm sure the rest of the division isn't shaking in their boots.

  2. Ken says:

    Through necessity we're faced with using our top rookie prospects all week against the bullies of our division in their playgrounds. Last year at this time we would have thrown Shields, Price, Moore, Cobb and Helly at them.
    I really thought we'd split yesterday. Archer needs to harness that fastball. Ordorizzi pitched pretty well. The kids have to pick up the pace.
    More importantly, the offense needs to wake up. 38 runs, I think. in the past 10 games against ho-hum pitchers ain't gonna cut.
    41-37 last year at this point.
    "Sometimes my burden is more than I can bear
    It's not dark yet but it's gettin' there." Dylan


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