Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Please let tonight’s stellar 2-1 win against the Orioles mark the spiritual end of the heinous Roberto Hernandez experience and the start of the Chris Archer era, which should have been rocking two months ago.

Archer was superb — seven innings, 84 pitches, two hits. What more needs to happen? Joe Maddon can’t employ his usual loyalty to Hernandez. There’s just not enough there to keep him in the rotation. Archer already showed enough in 2012, and big young arms is what Rays baseball is supposed to be all about.

Hats off to Desmond Jennings for a complete clobbering of the game-winning, two-run homer.

And huge props to Joel Peralta for not losing his sh*t after the home plate ump stole a strikeout from him in the eighth, and the 2012 Fernando Rodney showed up in the ninth. Wow!

With 102 to go, the Rays looked pretty darn sharp.





  1. Beazy says:

    Well, it doesn't have to "end", just "start new" for Roberto, in the bullpen...

    • Bill says:

      So right. He's supposed to be a ground ball specialist. Lef him replace Badenhop's role from last season.

  2. Gus says:

    Archer is a joy to watch. Despite all the rays management apologists who wanted to believe in herandez, the rays have two or three wins in his 12 starts. I hope that doesn't cost them the division. Good to see rodney be doinant. Rays finally retire chris davis!!!

  3. JJ says:

    When Price comes back Roberto goes to the pen, until then he starts with Torres ready in the pen at the first hint of disaster.
    Is Archer ready? If not now when? His stuff looks great. I like his spirit and, like Cobber last year, should continue to improve as his comfort level increases.
    Loney has game. His two strike approach last night was fun to watch.
    Go Rays and Hellboy.

  4. Bill says:

    More bats please. Starting to look familiar. Lots Shelton apologists were trying to crown him a little over a week ago. Four straight games of sleepy bats. Headlines about contagious hitting have vanished. Now something else seems contagious. Of course according to certain Rays TV guys you'd think we just faced Cy Young, Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson in their primes.

    • JJ says:

      Agreed, a mini slump has appeared. Gotta say that the Tigers staff started it, and they were 3 pretty good pitchers. Longo still hasn't gone on a tear, Zorilla hasn't either. I like the Flash, Molabaton, Escobar, 7-8-9 slotting but the 6 hole is killing us. The Rays can't afford Scott going 0 for June like he did last year. With Joyce's sketchy OF play maybe now is the time for Myers. Bat him 6th and let Joyce DH.

  5. phil says:

    What happened to Columbe??? Does he have role on this tream?

  6. Don says:

    You gotta remember Friedman payed Noname a lot of money $3-4 mil bases on bonus, Friedman doesn't eat his pride very easy, Start a Minor League call up instead of HIS $4mil signee.....don't think so.... even at the teams demise.....That's Friedman

  7. zenny says:

    What a bunch of negative nellies after a great win. Not surprising, tho; the "shot of Joe" always brings out the most pessimistic / ignorant comments on this otherwise great blog. Another reason to avoid the next installment... and all the ones after that.

  8. Dave L says:

    To Joe, Gus, Beazy, JJ etc.....

    You guys really see what you want to see dont you? Spot starting is different than being an an every 5 day starter for 6 months. Its a grind.

    Archer had a great game last night. His ball was dancing, fist pumping cheering every nice defensive play adrenalin flowing. So now thats who we will get from now on right?

    Hernandez 11 starts 62 innings 5.03 era 1.44 WHIP 8.04 K/9
    Archer 2 starts 11 innings 4.91 era 1.34 WHIP 4.91 K/9

    Archer is the future for us. Hernandez isnt going to the pen any time soon. Price is a month away maybe. Archer/Colome/Torres? need to cover for Price. Who knows what Price we get back? What if anybody else goes down?

    All these first 60 games have proven to me is that while Hernandez may not be an ideal starter, the need to bring in a veteran arm has been validated.

    By the end of this year Hernandez will be #3 in innings pitched by the Rays.

    Write it down and get used to it.

    • Ken says:

      To Joe, Gus, Beazy, JJ etc.
      Never mind Dave L's comments, he flops more often than most NBA players in the lane. Archer has earned the right to start again next Wednesday against the Sux.

      Dave L
      May 24, 2013 at 10:54 pm

      As the driver of the Fausto Bus and the biggest booster of bringing him here I have to come in and take my lumps. His confidence is completely shot. He has no business taking his next spot in the rotation v. the lowly Marlins at this point.

      Although he hasnt necessarily justified a call up based on performance in Durham necessarily, I would rather see Archer build his confidence in the bigs against the weak Marlins bats than those same bats build confidence against a defeated and deflated Hernandez.

      The Rays took alot of gambles in the off season as always. When Niemann went down, the need for a replacement veteran starter who could log innings was justified.

      Hernandez was a reasonable gamble at the budget AF was afforded. So far it has failed.

      They have confidence in thier ability to reclaim pitchers of a certain make up and make them effective. This time it hasnt worked.

      We were at that game tonite and it wasn’t pretty live. I buy a bunch of games in the spring in advance. Based on RH horrific lifetime numbers vs current Yanks bats I certainly wouldnt have walked up for this one.

      Im pulling the bus over getting out of the driver seat and handing the keys over to Mr. Smith. I will walk home from here.

      But hey look on the bright side we managed to wreck the Grandy man’s hand and probably sidelined Phelps for a brief spell as well. It was a pyrrhic victory for the Yanks!

      • JJ says:

        Thanks Ken. I'm waiting for Dave L's pals to chime in (Bill and Mr. Smith). They also seem to comment with the tide. The future is now Dave L. The Fausto experiment is a failure. 3rd in innings pitched while losing 10+ games is exactly what the Rays don't need. Bring on the kids.

    • OriginalTom says:

      "By the end of the year Hernandez will be #3 in innings pitched on the Rays"

      I hope you are wrong about this seeing as Hernandez is currently 4th on the team and he has only 7 more IP's than Price despite Price having 2 fewer starts.

      The Rays do not have to decide between Hernandez and Archer until Price returns. I am sure if Archer continues to pitch as he did Friday night and Hernandez continue to be ho-hum Archer will remain in the rotation when Price returns.

      • Dave L says:

        Because he isn't a young pitcher they have to protect his fragile Psyche when things get tough. He's a horse. Come back when the Sept callups come and then you will see.

        • OriginalTom says:

          Rays Starters IP/Start
          Cobb 6.8
          Hellickson 6.15
          Price 6.1
          Hernandez 5.64
          Moore 5.3 (But 5.73 if you remove the 1 inning rain shortened start)

          I think your May 24 post about Hernandez was on point. Hernandez bought himself a bit of time with the excellent game against the Marlins and with Price being on the DL he should remain in the rotation for now. If Archer pitches better than Hernandez over these next few starts though then Archer deserves to stay in the rotation when Price returns.

  9. toldja says:

    Hernandez #3 in innings pitched? I'll take that bet. You name the price.

    • Dave L says:

      Bet taken! I am not a gambler but come back in October and lets talk.

      I am not going anywhere

  10. JJ says:

    Nice win Rays. Attaboys to Luke, Lobaton, Escobar, and Hellboy. Scott on a tear would be welcome. Lest I forget, Zorilla rocked as well.


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