Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Wow. Wade Davis. It just figures a bottom of the rotation guy/long relief hurler formerly with the Rays would shut down his old teammates to give the Royals a series win over the reeling Rays. At one point, Davis had retired 13 of 14 Rays.

The Rays also had a bit of bad luck too, involving another former Rays player.

Eliot Johnson lifted a fly ball deep to right in the sixth that Matt Joyce came “this close” to grabbing as Johnson’s fly ball hit the top of the wall for a double. What could (should?) have been the third out opened the door for two runs and that was pretty much all she wrote.

Should Joe look too much into Jose Molina getting pulled after letting a wild pitch get past him? Maybe, maybe not. But the move by Merlot Joe was sure interesting.

Playoff teams don’t normally have a losing homestand. Bad enough to lose a series to the BlowSux. Losing a series to the Royals at the hands of two of your former players sure leaves a bad taste in Joe’s mouth.



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