Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Joe much prefers today’s two-hour, 3-0 loss to R. A. Dickey and the Jays to the drawn out four- or five-hour torture sessions endured routinely against the Red Sox.

Dickey’s been feast or famine through most of the season, and today he ate the Rays for lunch and ended their three-game winning streak.

If there’s an upside, it’s that the big guns in the bullpen got another day of rest — on the heels of a day off tomorrow. Roberto Hernandez was as good as can be expected over eight innings. Hernandez has now gone 41 2/3 innings over his past six starts. That’s the innings eater the Rays were hoping for in March.

July approaches and the Tigers arrive at the Trop on Friday. The Rays need to grind out series win after series win from here forward. This is not the season to count on a miracle.





  1. Allen says:

    Career wise, Dickey is 68-64, thanks to a 20-6 record in 2012. Other than that, he's 48-58. Dickey may be a one-season phenom. This year he has not been stellar, BUT the Rays could come up with only 2 singles. That's a shame. Hernandez put in a very good effort. He deserved a win.

    Joe is right. Our Rays must win series after series, especially against the AL East. I think our pitching has been positively surprising recently. Keep it up, guys, and let's hope there are no more days like today for the hitters.


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