Jose Molina has five stolen bases over the last two seasons and is a very smart baserunner. But that doesn’t change the fact that he might be the slowest player in baseball.

How slow? Robinson Cano stopped and took a nap in the middle of this double-play and the throw still beat Molina to first base by a couple of timezones…

And sorry angrybuddha, this is the best shot I can find of Molina breaking out of the box…



  1. angrybuddha says:

    Always coming through for us, Cork.... It looks like Molina breaks out of the box OK, but you have to figure he just stopped somewhere along the 1st base line. Cano looks up, sees Molina walking, and decides to get comfortable.

    I was watching the Yankees broadcast and they pointed out Molina's "speed" several times even before that play. Normally you get defensive when the other broadcast crew calls out your guys... but in this case... meh...

  2. TOM says:

    In one of the Rays games Molina split the outfielders with a hit. Ball rolled to the wall and he only ended up with a single.

  3. reeni645 says:

    What is new about Molina being the slowest runner? Everyone knows that. He gets paid to catch, give fatherly advice to pitchers and steal bases because no one thinks he would be able to steal bases, so the other team's pitching indifference is good for him.. just when you think it is time for him to retire, he does something like hits a homer .


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