We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Always a great sight for a ballgame
Ichiro Face
Matt Moore Face
George Hendrick has no time for petty foul balls
Wil Myers dad
The Ichiro Struggle
Wil Myers watches Evan Longoria's second home run
Even against a tough lefty and in the middle of a horrible slump, Reid Brignac STILL thinks he is a home run hitter
This looked foul and...OH GOD, LOOK OUT!
A big wild pitch by Matt Moore was so wild it hit the ground 6 inches in front of the plate
Yankees fan is scared
The Rays were playing the 2,500th game in their history and some of the participants from game 1 were in the building
Dave Winfield was also in the house and still looks huge
Out old friend Laura McKeeman still doing work for the Padres


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