Wil MyersFormer Reds general manager and current ESPN analyst Jim Bowden got Rays fans excited this weekend when he sent out a message on Twitter suggesting Wil Myers will be called up soon…

“Rays getting closer to recalling Will Myers should happen within next 10 days”

There are a few reasons to take this with a grain of salt. But he also may be right.

First, the Rays do have people in the media to which they feed information. Bowden has never been in that very tight circle.

And why would the Rays feed this information at all? The Rays don’t do anything unless there is a benefit to the franchise. And there is no benefit to telling everybody that Myers “should” be in a Rays uniform in a week or so.

So why would Bowden send out that Tweet if he wasn’t sure? It is an educated guess.

We are nearing that point on the calendar when it is OK for teams to call up top prospects and still save a year on the players’ arbitration clocks. And it so happens that Myers is red-hot right now.

The Rays are also hitting well. And while that might suggest they don’t need Myers. This might actually be a good time to call him up since there won’t be any pressure to “save” the team.

Then again, there may not be anything in Bowden’s tweet that is not true. Every day that passes we are technically a day closer to his promotion. And it is possible that “should happen” is just Bowden’s opinion. In other words, maybe he is saying the Rays “should” call up Myers because he is hitting well and because of the arbitration clock.

And maybe they will. But that doesn’t mean that Bowden has any insider information.

The argument against calling up Myers is that there isn’t anywhere for him to play. That seems silly. If the Rays think Myers is a better option and is ready, then you find a place for him to play.


Of course, whether or not Myers is a better option is another debate.



  1. Lane Meyer says:

    The only move that would make sense would be to bring him up and shift either Johnson or Zobrist to the infield permanently. Given Johnson's arm, Zobrist may be the logical choice. Then play Myers against all lefties and maybe half of the righties in a platoon with Johnson and Joyce.

    The drop would have to be either Sean Rod or Roberts. Sean Rod has actually had nearly the production of Roberts in about half the ABs. It may be time to DFA Roberts and see what happens.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      Keep in mind too, Myers is not yet on the 40 man roster so a decision of who would be dropped must be made as well. Felipe Rivero?

      • Dave L says:

        Well Guyer is on the 40 man as a RH outfielder so he would seem to get called up before Myers or replace him on the 40 man?.

        But IF Myers were callled up for any length of time he would likely replace another RH outfielder with no options like A SRod or like suggested Roberts (moving Zo to infield).

        That means completely giving up on Roberts or SRod and I dont see the Rays at that point now.

        Only way Bowden isnt jus completely guessing is if we had a string of 2 or 3 LH Starters we would face he's here for a few days and Fuld gets a boo boo on his ______. Fill in the blank

  2. Gus says:

    Bowden is assuming what the standard criteria to make the big leagues is -- top prospect doing well (50+ RBI!) in AAA usually means call up. But we went through this with Desmond Jennings in 2010, and he didnt get called up until late July while Gabe Kapler played out the string. There isn't an easy fit for Myers, but ultimately if he's better than Kelly Johnson's ABs or Luke Scott's ABs, he should be playing in the bigs. But I'm thinking late-July unless there is an injury, which gives him more than a full year in AAA, and covers for the Rays inevitable standing pat at the trade deadline with the press and the fans.

    • Dave L says:

      I agree with you 100% that Bowden isn't looking at the details and saw a hot streak and is talking out his ass (my words not yours)

      Best case is Myers right now is a platoon outfielder with Joyce and with Luke at DH.

      He needs so hit EVERYDAY to get better against RHP and he can't do that if hes on the bench with the big club and the Rays can't let him kill us by tanking against righties.

      I give Bowdens prediction a 3% chance of being correct with the call up to last no more than a few days against a string of LHSP

  3. Bill says:

    Hak Ju Lee is still listed on the 40 man. I think they would just need to make him officially on 60 day DL to make room on 40 man for whomever they would like.

    I would hope that some of you are wrong predicting a platoon if/when Myers does come up. I would rather see him facing righties than Scott - which does nothing for us long term and quite frankly, does nothing for us now. Still hoping Scott sleeps wrong or something. It has been several weeks. He is due for a DL stint. Seriously, 0-7 and he is our DH ? I think the only player with less than 2 ABs last night and no hit was our DH.

    DL Scott, put Myers in right, platoon other guys through DH to get best matchups and/or give them a break.

  4. bill palmer says:

    Wil Myers has a strike out rate of about 28%. He is clearly not ready for the Rays yet. he also has well known attitude problems taking direction (which is the purpose for him in AAA). Maddon would not put up with this.

    To drop someone from the 25 man roster, it would be to DFA Rodriguez, not Tat man. SRod has shown he does not have the maturity to play in the majors, his 18 errors in 2012 with sometimes 2 errors in a game and strikeout rate.

    Bring Wil up if there is an injury and see what happens. I think be will be a Sept callup


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