Brian Anderson mentioned during the broadcast last night that Wil Myers looked like Evan Longoria standing at the plate, specifically pointing out that both had an open stance.

Well, here is a look at the swing of both players and the similarities are pretty scary…

Here are a couple of key frames, starting with the similarities of their stance…


Both players close their stance as they start their swings and their toes touch down at almost the exact same moment. However, this is the one spot where we see a key difference between the two. Notice that Longo’s bat is straight up while Myers’ bat is still flat and wrapped around his head. Myers’ bat has a lot farther to travel. It will be interesting to see if Derek Shelton tries to change that…


Now we see both players have a similar lean. Unfortunately I couldn’t recreate the exact same pitch for both batters. So while Myers is attacking an inside fastball, Longo is reaching for an outside fastball…


Even their follow-throughs are nearly identical…


With their top hands releasing the bat at the same moment…




  1. Mark says:

    I think it's important to note that although their swings look similar, that doesnt mean we can expect Longoria-type production from Myers. Maddon and Friedman have always praised Longoria's ability to pick up the pitches from the pitcher's hand and spin. Plus, you have to account for the mental adjustments batters have to go through. Myers is untested on both of these accounts.

    Still, it is a pretty swing for a RH hitter...

  2. Sarah says:

    and didn't Longoria, for a short while, go without batting gloves?

  3. angrybuddha says:

    Players without batting gloves are always badass. As an ex-Expos fan (I found the D-Rays after Bud murdered the Expos), this always reminds me of the greatness that was Vladdy.

  4. Adam Lowenthal says:

    I'm a Mets fan, just noticed the similarity so I looked it up. Just wanted to let you know this was an AWESOME article. You did a great job...


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